10 Best Hidden Object Games for Android & IOS

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Are you a hidden object game enthusiast? Do you have an ache when it comes to the most terrific hidden object games? Do you have a hard time finding a hidden object game that suits you? Worry no more as we go through the best object games for you.

Playing some games can get annoying at some point. You would not want to play a game that suddenly crashes at some point. When a game loads a lot, then that means you will have to be patient before proceeding.

You wouldn’t want that either. A game that comes with a full version without limits will be an excellent choice in this case. As discussed below are some of the best hidden object games.

10 Best Hidden Objects Games & Finding Things Games

1. Eventide: Slavic Fable

Eventide Slavic Fable

Eventide is the most efficient app when it comes to hidden objects games. Categorized as an adventure game, Eventide involves rescuing of the grandmother’s protagonist from a creature from the Slavic Mythology. What is more exhilarating is that Eventide has over 38 locations you will need to explore and solve mysteries along the way.

Moreover, Eventide is compatible with windows, SteamOS+ Linux, and Mac OS X. You can also find this game on Google play store for Android users. Eventide boasts for having the most appealing graphics that improve the gameplay. Eventide is among the best-hidden object games developed by the house of fables and published by Artifex Mundi Michala.

Click to Download Eventide: Slavic Fable:

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2. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden Object Adventure

Jump into a world full of fun activities as you play games on this app that involves magic, science, and witchcraft to create the most exciting taste for you.

Hidden city is a free hidden object game that lets you undertake different missions to save a friend. Available on Android and IOS, Hidden City is a game that will have you engaged as you uncover more mysteries in the game.

In addition to that, Hidden City undergoes upgrades to bring the best gaming experience for you with over 120 quests. Enjoy tracking all your events on this app and claim your rewards that you will earn while playing.

Hidden City is a convenient hidden objects game developed by G5 Entertainment.

Click to Download Hidden City – Hidden Object Adventure:

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3.True Fear: Forsaken Souls

Forsaken Souls

True Fear is another excellent app that makes it to the list of the hidden object games. You will enjoy features which include a map to solve over 20 puzzles which make the game even more exciting.

True fear offers in-app purchases with compatibility on many devices. You will get into a free trial which is being provided for the first stage to familiarize you with this game.

Furthermore, True Fear is available on Android and IOS gadgets to create convenience for you as a gamer on either. True Fear is an excellent choice developed by Goblinz for including unique soundtracks, notes, and other features that improve gaming.

Click to Download True Fear: Forsaken Souls:

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4. Mystery of the Secret Guardians

Mystery of the Secret Guardians123

The mystery of the Secret Guardians is another best-hidden object game that offers in-app purchases compatible with Android and IOS.

The mystery of the Secret Guardians features excellent graphics to improve your gaming experience. Feel the thrill as you search for more than 100 objects hidden in over 20 levels rated as horror.

Categorically placed as an adventure game, Big Bear Entertainment must have put a lot of effort to create an outstanding game with in-app purchases.

Click to Download Mystery of the Secret Guardians:

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5. Enigmatis: The Shadow of Karkhala

The Shadow of Karkhala

Rated as a game with moderate violence, Enigmatis is another best pick when it comes to hidden object games. Including in-app purchases, you get to enjoy this game with over 100,000 installs. Enigmatis has 25 exhilarating puzzles and mini-games with 43 drawn scenes filled with hidden objects.

Besides, Enigmatis is available on Android and IOS to bring out convenience when using any gadget. Developed by Artifex Mundi Michala, Enigmatis is one of the top picks for hidden object games.

Click to Download Enigmatis: The Shadow of Karkhala:

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6. Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving

Mystery Society Crime Solving

Hidden objects create a good ground for you and any other gamer developed by Tamalaki. Hidden objects is an exciting hidden objects game that boasts over 5 million downloads and outstanding gameplay for you. Enjoy this game for free with offers on in-app purchases.

Hidden objects is a crime game that includes the finding of objects to create an excellent storyline. Available on Android and IOS, Hidden Objects is one of the best-hidden object games that features magnificent graphics in solving different crimes.

Click to Download Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. Mansion Hidden Object Games

Mansion Hidden Object Games

Unlike any other hidden Object games, Mansion hidden object games is one of the best apps developed by Selection, Apps which only features on Android.

However, Mansion is compatible with all Android devices to give you convenience in gaming. What is frustrating about this game are the momentary Ad pop-ups that limit your gaming experience.

You will interact with 5 levels on Mansion hidden objects coupled with unique objects giving you excellent gaming. You can play this game regardless of your age as it suits kids too.

Click to Download Mansion Hidden Object Games:

 Git it on google play

8. Hidden objects

Hidden objects

Adventure is one of the best hidden objects app that suits all the ages giving you good grounds for both family and personal gaming. Easy hints will help you find gaming much smooth when you get stuck on a level.

However, you might encounter Ad pop-ups on this app which might limit your gaming. In addition to that, Adventure hidden objects is only available on Android devices with over a million downloads developed by Next Difference Games.

Click to Download Hidden objects:  Git it on google play

9. Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

Mystery Manor- Hidden Objects

Mystery Manor makes it to the list of the best hidden objects app that has over a million installs. With frequent developments, you will encounter less ad pop-ups on this app. Mystery Manor features different levels that have different tasks you will need to accomplish developed by Game Insight.

Moreover, Mystery Manor has in-app purchases together with its compatibility with Android and IOS to improve efficiency on gaming. Feel the rush as you enjoy dedicated graphics on this app that creates magnificent playtime.

Click to Download Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects:

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10. The Room Two

The Room Two

The Room Two is an incredible premium app available on both android and IOS categorically placed as a fear app developed by Fireproof Games. With remarkable graphics, The Room Two has mysterious puzzles for you in 3D making it even more satisfactory in gaming.

In addition to that, The Room Two is one of the best games that includes many puzzles and location giving you a change of scenes with a supporting cloud saving. Get a feel of an interesting time on this game suitable for kids and even older gamers.

Click to Download The Room Two: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play


Playing games can get addictive and you will often develop the urge to test your brain on solving puzzles and finding objects.

You should always consider getting the best apps that do not limit you but guide you through effective gaming. The above discussion will help you choose the most outstanding games for hidden objects.

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