Top 10 Hairstyle apps for Android to Virtual Makeover

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Are you looking for a good Android tool that can make you change hairstyles quick and easy? This article will help you find free hairstyle applications for Android that will help you find your new look.

Ladies and gentleman!

Is your hair is your treasure? Do you spend some time in front of a mirror or watching yourself on your selfie camera thing what kind of style is best for this season?

Imagine a time where you couldn’t turn for the internet to help when wanting to decide your new hairstyle. Before in life, you may have had to pass a lot of trial-and-error situation in which you could mess up your hair pretty badly.

Nowadays, thanks to the facial recognition and movement technology, as well as countless of applications and filters, you are able to put yourself in a position to scroll among various different hairstyles.

You are black-haired but you’d like to try out some blonde touch? You are short haired but would maybe like to let your hair loose? Or now after so many years, it’s time to be short-haired again? These apps will ease your dilemmas.

You are wondering how and where you can find all these awesome tools and apps? This article will definitely help you find some of the top hairstyle apps for Android that are completely free and will help you in choosing your season look. Time for a change!

10 Best hairstyle Apps -Download Free Hair changer Apps

1. Hair Styles and Haircuts

Hair styles and Haircuts

This one should be put in the top bracket since it is a really well-working application that never gets old. You will maybe even see some hairdressers around you consulting this app if their customers are unsure of what is the best new hairstyle to choose from.

The best thing about this app is that it has already more than 1000 hairstyles for both men and women and you will have so much fun just scrolling around and looking at what suits your head best.

The database is kept fresh by constant updating of new hairstyles and you can always be sure that if some new hair becomes the season’s thing – it will be in this app.

2. Hairstyles Step-By-Step

Hairstyles Step-By-Step

Now, this app is a bit of a different experience. It doesn’t use real-time movement or photography filters to make you decide about your hair, but it is more of an educational tool. It is added on these lists because it is one of the top-rated apps for hairstyles, and you will see why once you download it.

This app will be your step-by-step guide about how to make some beautiful hair. If you’re not sure how to tie your hair, how to shape it and form it, this is for you.

So maybe you may use a filter kind of hairstyle app to check some interesting styles, and then use this app to actually try and do your hair yourself, without help from your hairdresser. It contains over sixty tutorials, so if you’re interested in hairdressing yourself, you may get started right away.

3. Cute Girls Hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles
Cute Girls Hairstyles is kind of an app similar to Step-By-Step. Here you will find video clips, tutorials, pictures of how to easily and beautifully do your or your friend's hair by yourself. Most of the features are free but there are also some interesting premium activities such as more options and more detailed guides.

It is still a good app to check similarly to the previous one on this list. It is more practical than fun, so if you want to learn some hairstyling, you’ve downloaded the right thing.

4. Man HairStyle Photo Editor 2018

Man HairStyle Photo Editor 2018

Gentleman, this tool is for you. If you are looking to get more handsome in this era of various facial hair – hairstyle combinations but you know you have a limited amount of hair-cutting and shaving per month, this app is brilliant for you.

With the help of this app, which is deemed as one of the best style apps in the previous year, you will have over 1000 features to combine to make your look more appealing to the outdoor public.

Various beards, mustache, sideburns, hairstyles, tattoos, hats, everything is here. You will be surprised by the efficiency and fun times while enjoying this application.

5. Best Hairstyles

Best Hairstyles

Best hairstyles are a completely free app that has over one million downloads in the app store and is currently one of the most popular hairstyle apps in the world. You will most definitely have a wide range of different styles and possibilities with it.

Once you upload a photo you will be able to choose among a palette of filters, hairstyles, and colors which are frequently added to the app. There is also a nice feature where you can add the style by yourself.

The app is practical, fun and free but sometimes the ads can be a mess, so there is a slight amount of patience required.

6. Women’s Hairstyles

Women’s Hairstyles

As its name says, this app has its niche in women. It is not a combined app like the previous one on this list. There is a good database of effects and filters and despite it being primarily a hairstyle app, you can also include make-up and accessories here too for a full experience.

There are over 100 hairstyles and are constantly updated. Modern, vintage, retro, many different colors… You just take your photograph or upload it and you’re ready to roll. It is a good, new app with a good store review and you’ll probably have fun with it.

7. Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

With many years of reliable service and half a million downloads, Magic Mirror remains an old-timer of android hairstyle apps, but a good one. The UI is understandable albeit a bit old-fashioned (since the last interface update came 3 years ago).

The database is full of mixed hairstyles and accessories for either a man or a woman and you will be able to buy a premium version which has facial detector system and eases fitting different hair on your head. It’s a great app and one that is still widely used. Some are still considering it the best there is at the moment.

8. African Women Hairstyle

African Women Hairstyle

This one has a strict target audience but definitely a neglected one. Various hairstyle apps don’t offer hairstyles for women of African descent and sometimes the hairstyles vary. This app solves the problem and is highly recommendable, if not for you, you probably know someone who will be grateful to try it out. It has a nice review and solid features and does a good job for what it’s meant to be.

9. Hairstyle Try-On

Hairstyle Try-On

Hairstyle Try-On is a similar app to the other mixed hairstyle apps. You have both male and female hairstyle options and most of the options are pretty nice and realistic.

They are useful if you want to describe to your hairdresser what do you want and with a simple selfie, you will enter a style-changing frenzy. It has a facial recognition tool so all hairstyles will fit all the head types, and you can also change the colors.

10. Braided Hairstyles Salon

Braided Hairstyles Salon

This app is different than the previously mentioned and it is actually more of a game that will help you feel better and more confident about different choices and hairstyles, it may improve your creativity, and also keep you interested and excited.

In this game, you take the role of a hairdresser and you will choose from various hairstyles to dye and stylize your customer. This game will help you with your hairstyle choices and in combination with other apps you will get the perfect combination for your looks and on top of that, you will have some tremendous time!

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So, those were some interesting applications of all types to mess with your hair and to enjoy some quality time imagining many creative solutions. If you have some other apps that you believe deserve to be on this list do not hesitate to comment and hope you have some wonderful time!

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