Best Free Firewalls: Glasswire, Comodo Firewall, or ZoneAlarm?

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Are you wondering how to get your network protected against unauthorized access? Firewall is the solution. It is a barrier/shield that protects your private network from any form of unauthorized access.

It helps secures devices that are connected to the internet/other networks like LAN (Local Area Network). Firewall is installed on a tablet, phone, or PC to protect the users from the data-based malware threats that exist on any connected network or the internet.

Firewalls techniques

Data transfers between routers, servers, and your PC. To identify and block any form of unauthorized/unwanted traffic, the firewall monitors the data. It does this by checking the data packets against the set-up rules.

If they conform to these set-up rules, then the firewalls accept them. However, if they fail to conform to these rules, the firewall blocks/rejects them.

Nowadays, firewalls help protect PC and other connected devices all over the world, irrespective of who they belong to, whether the government, large organizations or individual users.

How Does Firewall Work?

Firewalls are known for monitoring information traffic to either accept or permit the ‘unharmful’ data while blocking or rejecting the harmful ones. Also, firewalls are known for using one or three techniques (or a mix of these) to control the network traffic.

Best Free Firewalls

Wondering how firewall protects your PC? Here are its three well-known used techniques:

  • Packet Filtering
  • Proxy Service
  • Stateful Inspection

The most basic form of firewall protection that involves the use of a pre-determined rule to create filters is the packet filtering. If a network is flagged by filters, a firewall restricts the data packet from entering the network.

A firewall proxy is an application that functions as an intermediary between various systems. It helps recover information from the internet and then transfer it to the system requesting the information.

The firewall’s application layer is where the Fire proxy Servers work. This is the place where it becomes important for the ends of a connection to make use of a proxy to conduct the session. The proxy server creates a process reflecting a service that will run on the end host. Because of this, all transfer data for an activity become centralized scanning to the firewall.

The last method a firewall uses to protect a system or device is the stateful inspection. Stateful inspection is the most advanced firewall scanning. It keeps each connection’s information attribute for the stipulated duration in a database.

These attributes are generally referred to as the connection’s state. They have vital information like connection’s IP addresses and port and where the data packets are sent. Important information held in the database is compared to the data the firewall transfers.

The firewall permits the information to be successfully sent if the comparison breeds a good match. Or else, it denies the data package or the entry of the information.

Top 12 Free Firewall Software to Protect Your Network

Have you been contemplating which best free firewall to secure your devices while you surf the internet? Our list below serves you the best!

1. Norton

Norton Logo


  • It is entirely free

Do you desire advanced security against cyberattacks? Norton provides exactly that! Norton Free Firewall is also called ‘Smart Firewall.’ This free firewall is among the Norton Security and Norton AntiVirus solution provided by Norton. It makes use of programs database to flag or block programs.


Features of Norton:

  • IT helps monitors and protects the home network
  • It can block phishing websites
  • It provides advanced security against cyberattacks

Norton Advantages:

  • It can authenticate trusted sites
  • It provides a hundred percent guarantee against viruses

Norton Disadvantages:

  • There is no parental control for iOS and Mac devices
  • It has poor connection against spyware

Learn more about Norton: Click Here

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2. SolarWinds

Solarwinds LogoPricing:

  • The Security Events Manager’s price begins at 4,805 dollars.
  • It provides a 30-day free trial.

In case you’re wondering about how to secure your network, detect security violations against your PC, SolarWinds is the solution. SolarWinds offers Security Event Manager to the Network Firewall Security Management. It is encrypted with functionalities and attributes that help secure your network. It has real-time event-correlation and constant monitoring that help detect suspicious firewall activities. Also, you will have real-time visibility into your firewall security network. By using policy checks, the tool can help you spot security violations.


Features of SolarWind:

  • It monitors firewall protection configuration changes
  • It has custom firewall security system filters
  • It provides real-time visibility into network firewall security

SolarWind Advantages:

  • It is encrypted with a facility that helps build custom filters to highlight specific events of firewalls based on the custom criteria or the default.
  • It provides notification for any firewall changes
  • It helps you keep track of any activity from devices that are targeted.
  • It makes sure that the only authorized changes to the firewalls are made by the firewall administrators.

SolarWind Disadvantages:

  • The Security Event Manager provides no free version

Learn more about SolarWinds: Click Here

3. Privatefirewall

Privatefirewall LogoPricing:

  • It is entirely free

Wondering how you can block specific IP address, reject access to a network and disable access to sites? Private firewall is your one-stop spot. It  is unique for its ability to enable you to easily switch between its unique settings and rules. Also, without too many prompts or clicking too many buttons, you can easily block or filter traffic.

With Privatefirewall, you can achieve several things such as block specific IP address, reject access to a network and disable access to sites, etc.


Features of Privatefirewall:

  • It has port tracking
  • It has Process and Applications monitor

Privatefirewall Advantages:

  • It is easy to configure
  • It can detect an anomaly

Privatefirewall Disadvantages:

  • It has a text-heavy interface
  • There is often the need for updates

Learn more about Private firewall: Click Here

4. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Logo


  • It offers a huge 60 percent off on Security Mechanic Ultimate Defense at only 31.98 dollars.

If you want to keep your online privacy protected and optimize the performance of your PC, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is your best option! This is a convenient interface that provides your PC with a complete package of security, privacy, and performance features. It secures your web browsing and manages passwords and credit cards. It can eliminate malware on request

It has a system shield that helps block malware. It is a VB100-certified anti-malware solution. It will execute reactive and proactive malware detection formula.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides a Killer malware that detects and removes hazardous malware from infected PC. It utilizes proprietary Scan Cloud-based scanning and analysis.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Features of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense:

  • It helps optimize the performance of your PC
  • It helps keep online privacy protected
  • It eliminates/blocks malware
  • It helps recover deleted files
  • It erases complete drives
  • It securely manages passwords

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Advantages:

  • It has in-depth reports for each scan
  • It has the ability to perform recovery for deleted files
  • Also, it provides a password manager

Learn more about System Mechanic Ultimate Defense: Click Here

5. OpenDNS Home

OpenDNS Home Logo


  • It is entirely free

OpenDNS Home is winning the race as the best tool to monitor  malicious activities and protect your PC against internet harms. It is one of the robust free firewalls that you can install on Windows 10 because it comes with advanced security features that can monitor malicious activities closely in order for them not to find their way to your PC either through social media sites or other online websites.

OpenDNS Home

Features of OpenDNS Home:

  • It automatically blocks non-trusted content
  • It comes with several filtration choices
  • It provides magnificent control of internet behavior
  • It is extremely easy and simple to use

OpenDNS Home Advantages:

  • It is non-intrusive
  • It is an award-winning firewall

OpenDNS Home Disadvantages:

  • It roots all its traffic only through its OpenDNS network

Learn more about OpenDNS: Click Here

6. ZoneAlarm

Zone Alarm Logo


  • ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall: 44.95 dollars per year
  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall: Free

ZoneAlarm is a firewall that has been around for years. It protects your PC from all kinds of a cyberattack like malware, identity theft, spyware, viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware, etc.

It works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. The Zone Alarm free firewall helps prevent malicious changes to your PC; it does this by locking the host’s file. With the use of password protecting its settings, it helps prevent unauthorized changes. You can easily adjust the security of a private or public network by using the ZoneAlarm firewall’s slider setting.

Zone Alarm

Features of ZoneAlarm:

  • It features online backup
  • It has free antivirus plus firewall
  • It has several security layers
  • It has an interface that is easily customized

ZoneAlarm Advantages:

  • It can easily integrate with various security programs
  • It offers free 5GB cloud backup

ZoneAlarm Disadvantages:

  • Highest security settings can easily flag the safe programs
  • It doesn’t offer protection for exploit attack

Wondering how to protect your computer from harmful attacks? ZoneAlarm protects your PC from malware, identity theft, spyware and viruses. Learn more: Click Here

7. AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall Logo


  • It is entirely free

With AVS Firewall, you PC is in safe hands against external and internal connections. AVS Firewall secures your computer from harmful pop-ups, changes in a registry, harmful ads, and flash banners.

AVS Firewall

Features of AVS Firewall:

  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • It comes with a registry cleaner
  • It helps control internet traffic
  • It works perfectly on Window Vista, XP, and Windows 7 and 8
  • It also has parental control

AVS Firewall Disadvantages:

  • It can perceive safe programs as threats.

Learn more about AVS Firewall: Click Here

8. Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall Logo


  • It has Comodo Full Protetcion for 39.99 dollars per year.
  • It has ComodoFree Firewall that comes for free

If you’re looking for the best free scheduler to easily select programs to block, Comodo Firewall is your best option. Comodo Firewall comes with various features like adblocker, custom DNS servers, Virtual Kiosk, etc. By using this firewall, you can easily select programs to block.

In addition, if you suspect that your PC has been infected by a malware, there is a Rating Scan option available for you to use.

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall Advantages:

  • It can be integrated with the Comodo secure browser
  • Security novices can easily streamline the Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall Disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t offer protection for a kind of exploit attack
  • It has disabled default settings that come with automatic sandboxing

Learn more about Comodo Firewall: Click Here

9. PeerBlock

PeerBlock Logo


  • It is entirely free

With PeerBlock, your PC is safe from harmful  ads and internet threats. It is a free firewall that does everything because it provides the highest security against every kind of internet/incoming threat. Upon detection, it instantly blocks all forms of malicious ads, spyware, etc.

Wondering what PeerBlock has in store for you?


Features of PeerBlock:

  • PeerBlock protects against unnecessary traffic
  • PeerBlock enables users to create blocklist
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to use

PeerBlock Advantages:

  • It can block lots of ads and pop-ups
  • It has a toggle that is easy to switch on and off

PeerBlock Disadvantages:

  • The set-up requires basic IT knowledge
  • Neither updated nor supported

Learn more about PeerBlock: Click here

10. TinyWall

TinyWall Logo


  • TinyWall is absolutely free

Do you want the best free firewalls you can use on Windows 10? TinyWall works best for you. It protects your PC from any kind of internet threat. It also secures your PC ports from hackers and blocks programs that are malicious/harms and capable of exposing your sensitive information on the internet.


TinyWall Advantages:

  • The auto-learn features ensure the creation of exceptions becomes easy.
  • It doesn’t have pop-ups

TinyWall Disadvantages:

  • There is often the need to create exceptions for the programs (web-based) that you use
  • It doesn’t offer protection for a kind of exploit attack

Learn more about TinyWall: Click Here

11. Glasswire

Glasswire Logo


  • It is entirely free

Are you looking for free firewall that secures your computer from incoming attack and pop up malware? Glasswire offers your PC protection against any form of internet/incoming attack. It protects your operating system right from the time of installing it on your PC. The firewall doesn’t disturb you whenever a malware pops up. It blocks the malware source instead without bothering you.


Features of Glasswire:

  • It monitors Visual network
  • It provides Discreet alerts
  • It can detect Wi-Fi evil twin
  • It has a Mini graph
  • It can track data usage
  • It also has a LockDown mode

Glasswire Advantages:

  • It has a simple installation process
  • With just a click of a button, you can block all unnecessary incoming traffic

Glasswire Disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t have the ability to block all apps at once
  • Not entirely free

Glasswire provides you with the best malware pop up blocker. Learn more: Click Here

12. Netdefender

Net Defender Logo


  • It is entirely free

If you’re in search of an easy-to-use free firewall with easy options and settings, then the Netdefender is right for you. Its free firewall has all the basic firewalls functions and is entirely easy to install.

The best thing about the Net defender is that with one button click, you can block any unnecessary incoming traffic.

Net Defender

Features of Netdefender:

  • Its interface is user-friendly and simple
  • It doesn’t have pop-ups
  • It comes with a port scanner
  • It has an easy setup
  • It also protects against spoofing ARF

Netdefender Advantages:

  • It has a simple installation process
  • With just a click of a button, you can block all unnecessary incoming traffic

Netdefender Disadvantages:

  • It has some buggy features

Learn more about Netdefender: Click Here


Each of the free firewall we have discussed above has its own advantages and disadvantages. While a few of them are nice for privacy, security, features, others are better on pricing.

For complete prevention and protection against malicious activities and threats, it is recommended you go for Glasswire, Comodo Firewall, or ZoneAlarm.

However, if you want to control and visibility of your apps, then it is advisable that you go for Tinywall, Peerblock, or Private Firewall. Netdefender, Glasswire, and OpenDNS Home are the best firewall choices for streamlining your infrastructure security. You can go for Tinywall, Private Firewall, or Glasswire for real-time alerts.

Finally, if what you want is affordability, then there are various choices you can go for. You can choose between Glasswire, Tinywall, Peerblock, Netdefender, AVS firewall, Norton, OpenDNS Home, and Private Firewall.

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