Best Free Data Recovery Software Worth Downloading and Trying

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Want to recover your deleted data and files? Cannot find a data recovery software that can recover your data and secure them? Well, then you are at the right place. We are here to tell you some of the best free data recovery software worth downloading and trying.

Losing your important information and data isn’t fun. Right? And losing your data and files is only the tip of the iceberg. The major part of the task is looking for and choosing the best data recovery software. Speaking of the best free data recovery software for Windows, and to make the process of data recovery relatively simpler and a cakewalk. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Tool is by far the best data recovery software to go for.

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software is an easy-to-use and complex free data recovery tool, that helps the user to find all the deleted files, data, and information. It can also help you recover the corrupted videos, photos, and more files during the search process. iBeesoft Free Recovery Data also boosts the SSD recovery capability and offers better NTFS Drives Data Recovery.

This article will incorporate everything you need to know about the best free data recovery software worth downloading and trying and a comprehensive step-wise guide on how to recover lost and deleted data on your windows as well as your Mac. Keep reading the blog post if you want to know more about it!

Best Free Data Recovery Software Features

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software is counted as the Best Free Data Recovery Software in the Data Recovery business. With its all-encompassing features and quality recovery, iBeesoft is the first choice for anyone who wants to recover their important data and is the most preferred.

It comes with an array of features and we shall be discussing some of its key features below to give out a complete on why to go for the iBeesoft Data Recovery Tool. Following are the features:

1. High data recovery success rate (99.65%)

High data recovery success rate

iBeesoft Data Recovery has a 99.65% recovery rate, so you can have your data recovered for free with better quality.

2. Free to scan and display recoverable files

There aren’t many Data Recovery Softwares that offer you to scan and display recoverable files. Nevertheless, iBeesoft is one such data recovery software that puts forward this feature that offers you to scan and display recoverable files.

3. Free to preview recoverable files

There are various software that doesn’t let you have a look at the deleted files you wish to recover. However, that’s not the case with iBeesoft Data Recovery Software, you are allowed to preview recoverable files. Just in case you do not want to recover a particular file, you can simply preview it and unselect it from the chosen lot.

4. Free to recover up to 2GB files for free

There is nothing to worry about, whether you can recover your data for free or not if you have iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software. You can now download the iBeesoft Data Recover tool to recover files upto 2GB. No data recovery software-free version can offer such sacrificing features.

5. Recover 1000+ file types

iBeesoft can now make you recover 1000+ file types, like permanently deleted photos/images, videos, audio, documents, and more from internal & external disks, like SSD, HDD, SD card, USB in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7,

6. Support 2000+ devices

iBeesoft now comes along with a great compatibility feature, as it supports 2000+ devices. Starting from Mac, windows, HDD/SDD. USB Devices, SD/CF Cards, Digital cameras, etc, you can simply have this software downloaded to your system and recover your deleted files or corrupted files without hassle. I

7. Fix corrupted videos and images

Fix corrupted videos and images

Not only iBeesost Data Recovery offers to recover deleted files and data from your system. However, it also repairs damaged videos, pictures shot by DJI drones, GoPro, Nikon, Sony cameras, all popular brands, and Office documents with advanced technology to scan, gather and match the fragments. Though damaged after loss, iBeesoft can repair and restore damaged files for you.

How to Recover Lost and Deleted Files With iBeesoft Data Recovery Software?

iBeesoft caters to all the needs and requirements of any user, as it lives up to all the expectations. From recovering data to boosting the SSD recovery capability, iBeesoft comes with a melange of features which is why it is recommended and counted as the best free data recovery software worth downloading and trying. We have listed the steps on free data recovery software for Windows.

Following are the steps of how to recover lost and deleted files with this free data recovery software:

Step 1: First Download and Install iBeesoft Data Recovery Software. 

Install iBeesoft Data Recovery, a free trial version on your computer. It's virus-free and totally compatible with Microsoft Windows. Please feel free to use it.

Step 2: Second Step is to Scan the lost files on Hard Drive 

Start the iBeesoft Data Recovery for PC program. You must select the hard drive, folder, or recycle bin to scan from the start window, looking for lost files. Connect the device to your computer before recovering files from USB drives, SD cards, cameras, or Android smartphones. Click “Scan” after hovering your cursor over the hard disc.

Filtering file types is a simple way to reduce scanning time. You can Unselect unnecessary file kinds by clicking “Go to Settings” at the bottom of the first window.

Well, you get various other options if you are using iBeesoft Data Recovery Software:

Recover Files from Emptied Recycle Bin: If you deleted files by using the “Delete” button or dragging and dropping them into the recycle bin and then emptying it, then click “Scan” underneath Recycle Bin.

Recover Files from Desktop: If you've accidentally deleted files from your Desktop, select “Scan” from the drop-down menu next to Desktop.

Recover Files from Selected Folder: It is more effective to recover a target file by directly scanning for the folder where the file was removed. To scan a specific folder, click the “Scan” button next to Select Folder. It's a lot easier to understand.

Step 3: Preview Recoverable Files and Recover Selected Files

You can preview all of the detected recoverable files during or after the scanning process to confirm their details. When you've located the files you'd like to recover, pick them and click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

Step 4: Activate iBeesoft Data Recovery to Full Version

Activate iBeesoft Data Recovery

Although, this is completely an optional step as it entirely depends upon you if you want to turn your iBeesoft Data Recovery to Full Version, as the free trial version will only display all recoverable files for you. However, to recover them you need to purchase the iBeesoft Data Recovery and get the respective license for the needful and receive the activation license from your email.

How to Use iBeesoft Data Recovery Software on Mac? 

There are various data recovery software tools that only support windows. Well, it is true most of the Data Recovery Software support Windows. However, that isn’t the problem anymore as there is free data recovery software for Mac. You can now Install iBeesoft Best Free Data Recovery Software on your Mac. As it supports all iOS devices. So to make your data recovery experience a cakewalk and hassle-free, iBeesoft now complies with Mac and all iOS devices.

The steps of data recovery are similar to that of windows, so you can proceed with downloading this software to your Mac by following the step-wise guide mentioned above. However, the same procedure is followed for Mac as well, but the only difference is that in Mac you can only recover upto 500MB of Data. If you exceed the limit prescribed, you will have to pay for the Data you want to recover.


iBeesoft Data Recovery is thus, by far the Best Free Data Recovery Software Worth Downloading and Trying. So now, you know which Data Recovery Software tool to go for!

We hope this blog post was helpful to you and catered to all your queries regarding which software to choose and how iBeesoft Data Recovery Software stands out with its features. Furthermore, if you have any queries or questions, please feel free to drop your doubts in the comment section below.

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