Top 3 Free Anime Websites with Premium Features in 2022

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2022 is a big year for anime lovers! Staying in has been so much less suffering thanks to free anime sites. And free anime streaming is now safer than ever with the new ad-free feature that a few sites have upgraded. Why settle down for less when you can now stream anime online for free with zero ads on 9Anime,, and Gogoanime?

It might sound too good to be true as we all have been familiar with ad-supported anime sites. Free sites need ads for money but none of us feel safe and content around ads. Ads carry risks of viruses and malware and they ruin our seamless streaming experience.

However, for so long we have had to compromise with ads, as they are the only source of income for free anime sites. But things have changed and the odds are with us. Many sites have gone completely ad-free for our complete safety and in this article; we will introduce the best 3 among them.

These 3 free anime sites are not only ad-free but also well-known for their high-quality content and outstanding features. Now, let’s take a look at them and decide which one suits you the best!



9Anime is no doubt one of the most popular free anime sites to watch anime online. According to the site’s creator, 9Anime started in early 2016 and since then, it has been a safe place for millions of anime lovers to pursue their hobby without paying a dime.

However, its numerous ads and pop ups chased many users away. If you are one of them, it is time to come back. The site is now completely ad-free, meaning that you will not be bothered by any ads, pop ups, or commercials. With zero ads, the site does not pose any risk to both your device and identity.

Along with its excellent features that we all love, 9Anime is now easily named as one of the best anime sites to watch anime online for free.



4Anime is another popular site for free anime streaming that we have known for years. The site was shut down earlier this year; however, lucky for us, it has come back with an ad-free version,

When we saw, we thought it was fake as according to the creator of 4Anime, the site was closed for good. However, it does no harm to give the site a try no matter whether it is the real 4Anime or not. provides us the same quality that we love on 4Anime and at the same time, it poses no risk to our device thanks to the ad-free feature.

With no payment, no registration, and no ads, is much better and safer than the old domain.



Whenever the topic of free anime streaming arises, Gogoanime is one of the first names people think of. The site has been a fan-favorite for years and it boasts extensive content library and excellent streaming features.

Unfortunately, like other popular free anime sites, the site was forced to shut down. If you have been missing your Gogoanime days, check out The new site maintains all the good things that Gogoanime has been proud of and gets rid of the negatives, one of which is the rampant ads.

To sum it up, you can enjoy whatever you love about Gogoanime freely and safely on the new site. Plan a reunion with Gogoanime soon and don’t forget to share the link of GOGOanime with your fellow Gogoanime fans.

Why Are 9Anime, 4Anime, and Gogoanime The Best Sites to Watch Free Anime Online? 

If you haven’t been to any sites above, you have been missing out a lot. 9Anime, 4Anime, and Gogoanime have attracted millions of anime lovers thanks to their superb features and content. And here is a detailed list of reasons why we love them:


Safety anime

With the newly-added ad-free feature, the three sites are now as safe as Google. There are completely no ads, pop ups, or commercials on the sites, which means that hackers cannot lure you to click on any links to install viruses and malware into your device. The sites do not require any registration so you are also safe from information leakage and identity theft.



Although the sites are not considered legal, using them to watch anime online is not illegal either. According to copyright attorneys, you will only get into trouble when you share or download copyright protected content.

Extensive content library

Extensive anime

All the three sites boast an extensive content library of English subbed and dubbed anime. You can find there almost any anime-related content such as movies, tv shows, ongoing series, brand new series, OVAs, ONAs, and specials.

High resolution

anime HD quality

High video quality is extremely important for an enhanced anime streaming experience. With 9Anime, 4Anime, and Gogoanime, you can watch your favorite anime in 720p. Or if your Internet is not stable enough, simply adjust the video quality for a more seamless experience.

Seamless streaming experience

anime Seamless streaming experience

Slow loading speed is one of the most annoying things that users of free anime sites often complain about. However, your streaming on these 3 sites will be as smooth as butter thanks to the seamless streaming feature. There will be no buffering, lagging, or ads popping up during your streaming at all.

Fast updates

anime update

These sites update their content on a daily basis with the latest releases, requested titles, and random interesting anime. You can rest assured you will never run out of what to watch on the sites.

Simple user interface

9anime UI

The sites’ UI and UX are optimized for users' convenience. You can already figure out how to navigate and browse through these sites at first glance. The search bar is placed right in the center for those who already know what title to watch. The menu bar suggests you to search by genres, countries, etc in case you are merely exploring what the sites have to offer.

Great device compatibility

watch anime on different device

All the three sites are mobile friendly and Chromecast supported. You can watch your favorite anime at any time, on any device available, as long as the Internet is accessible.

Zero ads

anime No Ads

All the sites are ad-free, which means you will not be interrupted by any ads, pop ups, or commercials. This feature does not only keep you safe from data loss, identity theft, corrupted networks, etc, but also preserves a seamless streaming experience.

No account or registration required

No account needed

You are not required to reveal any private information on these 3 sites to have full access to their content libraries and features. With no information shared, there will be no information leakage. This feature again keeps you safe from hackers.

Excellent customer service

Great customer support

Although the 3 sites do not require any payment, their customer services are even better than that of some paid streaming services. The teams behind 9Anime, 4Anime, and Gogoanime seem to be on active mode 24/7 to help us with any requests or inquiries.

Broken links are fixed within a couple of hours, requested titles are updated on a daily basis, and our messages are responded to within minutes. Should you have any problems using the sites, don’t hesitate to shoot them a message. They do listen to us and work hard for our satisfaction.

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