Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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In 2023, email marketing is still thriving. So long as it's executed properly, email marketing is still one of the best ways for a business to engage proactive consumers.

With email campaigns, small businesses can easily maintain consistent communication with clientele and site visitors. Existing customers value news of new offerings and sales just as much as prospective ones.

It is an excellent approach for small businesses to develop customized content, gather feedback , increase revenue, engage with their intended audience, and drive traffic to their website. Because of this, the market is saturated with email marketing options.

We've compiled our findings from testing many major platforms to assist you to find your way. We've compiled the top 5 email marketing tools currently on the market.



Our first recommendation is Stripo for being an all-in-one email design platform with a drag-and-drop interface and full HTML editor.  Stripo's primary emphasis is on constructing professional-looking emails with the use of editable email templates. Those with less technical expertise can easily learn the basics of using it quite swiftly and effortlessly.

Their library of pre-built layouts is exquisite and the availability of over 100+ options makes them a useful resource for getting started quickly. This is an especially well-rounded support system. Templates may be sent directly to an email service provider without any manual intervention.

As an added bonus, you can export your email templates to a spotless HTML format for use in applications that aren't supported. By using this link, Go Deal Now with the best offers and pre-built email templates offered by Stripo.

The customer support team is prompt, helpful, and able to resolve any issues their customers may have. The service's wide compatibility with email publishing software is another selling factor.

Get Response

With options ranging from free and basic to bespoke pricing and complete marketing management for corporate enterprises, GetResponse is an online marketing solution. It can be scaled to meet the needs of small businesses. If ease of use is paramount for a small company, then this is an excellent alternative because of its user-friendly design and free plan.

The system provides an approachable method of gaining entry to cutting-edge advertising tools. The software allows users to make social media advertisements, commercial emails, social media posts, and webinar registration sites.

It has a free version that supports 500 users, however, that version is severely crippled in terms of functionality. Both its visual email editor and its HTML code editor are intuitive and flexible.


Campaigner is something to consider if you want to safeguard your brand's image while growing revenue and sales, shaping the customer journeys of your target audience, and reaching them via more platforms. Campaigner streamlines the process of sending out professional-looking emails by providing you with pre-made templates.

These are easy to modify and allow you to add your own flair to them. In addition, it has an advanced automated email capability that enables you to design personalized client paths that boost sales. It has a tool called “Reputation Defender” that checks your address books for errors before you send an email and assists you in discovering potentially harmful people to avoid.


If you run a web-based company and need a dependable tool but are constrained financially, AWeber is a good option.AWeber's special features include a marketplace for launching campaigns and automating many of their steps, as well as a library of premade templates, a design assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

It also has a designer for creating both emails and landing pages with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and much more. AWeber's easy-to-understand and comprehensive reports are particularly useful for novices.



ActiveCampaign has excellent marketing features and a user-friendly interface.  The ActiveCampaign interface is the most intuitive, and that covers the dashboard and email editor. You have your pick from 25 different email marketing templates.

These are perfect for solo entrepreneurs or small businesses to send emails. It's great for startups and small enterprises since they can make their own unique ads. The drag-and-drop layout is simple, and there are helpful tooltips that explain what each feature does.


There's no denying the positive impact that emails marketing tools can have on a small business's growth. With the finest email marketing software, you can expand your customer base, boost your conversion rate, and, in the end, improve your income.

Because of its user-friendly interface and low price, Stripo is our top pick. And if growth is a long-term goal, this is a great option to consider. We hope this article helped you with gaining knowledge and choose the best email marketing tool for your business.

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