10 Best eBook Format for Book Worm in 2024

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Do you know the best ebook format for ebook readers? We will compare the best e-book formats that are there. These ebook formats are compatible with most apps like WPS, kindle, and much more.

It is important to know the best ebook formats that you can use when you are creating an ebook. This is to prevent your readers from getting restricted when they want to read your book. There are dozens of eBook formats, but I have narrowed them to some of the widely used eBook formats.

Nowadays people prefer reading ebooks because of their low cost and portability. Hence, if you are planning to make one, use any of these to reach a greater audience.

10 Most Popular eBook Formats of 2022



In today’s mainstream e-book formats, the text content can be automatically adjusted to suit the characteristics of the reading device.A wide range of content formats is supported, from text, pictures, audio, video, and even some interactive content with Internet access.Previously, Kindle did not support this ePUB format, but after June 28, 2021, the ePUB format was supported.

Moreover, the EPUB format is compatible with various kinds of software since it is written in both XML ad XHTML. This also allows easy transfer in platforms that use XML formats to EPUB. This is with the help of tools such as To ePUB, eBook Conversion, Zamzar, Hamster soft, and much moreThey also come with their in-built security features.



MOBI was once a proprietary format for Amazon but was later abandoned. This format is small in size and supports bookmarks, notes, corrections, and JavaScript files. The unique feature about this format is that it has copyright protection which helps prevent copyrighting and unauthorized viewing. On the downside, this format does not support audio and video content.

If you synchronize the MOBI 8 format e-books to your kindle through email, the e-Books will not display the cover on the kindle. This format can be converted to other e-book formats such as PDF and EPUB.

3. AZW


AZW and AZW3 are Amazon proprietary formats. They both handle complex typography like ePUB. The files in this format use the MOBI format but contain a DRM protection feature that allows them to only be read on kindle.

You can also store bookmarks, annotations, and highlights in the AZW files. Additionally, AZW3 supports more styles, fonts, and layouts more than AZW. The advantage of this AZW format is that it supports both audio and video content.

4. PDF


This Portable Document Format is one of the most compatible e-book formats. It can be read on almost any device and converted to many other formats. PDF can be compressed to any size.

Additionally, it has great editing tools that can only be accessed after paying for the premium version. This format is independent of the operating system and hardware of the respective devices. Thereby, a common PDF would look the same on different devices.

5. IBA


IBA is a format that was created by Apple based on the EPUB standard. It somehow has the same structure as the EPUB e-Book format.

The complicated thing about this format is that if you want to use it, you need to write through iBook Author. Moreover, it supports only video content and not audio content. This format is appropriate for company product displays, company brochures, and e-Books.

6. CBA

CBA ebook

CBA format is primarily suited to formats such as comic books. It contains collections of images from pages in comic books. In simpler terms, the format is compressed images.

The format is a standardized way of keeping scanned-in comic books to be read in reader software designed for that purpose. Moreover, several graphic formats can be used here.


DJVU ebook

DJVU is similar to PDF format. The format principle is to divide the image into the foreground layer and background layer for compression. You can use the high resolution to restore the text, and use the low resolution to compress the image.

The files can be converted to PDF, DWG, JPG, etc. Moreover, you can watermark files using digital encryption technology. The DJVU format is mainly used for maps and legal documents of high-resolution compression. It is mostly used to store scanned documents. With DJVU you can take a high-resolution scan and store it efficiently.

8. LRS, LRF, and LRX


SONY developed the formats for its e-reader. Thereby, these formats are not supported by other e-Book reader apps. LRS stands for Librie Reader Source that is used to create LRX and LRF files.

This is done by using publicly available tools and APIs. LRS files are based on the XML file format. LRF is for unencrypted files while LRX is for encrypted files.

9. FB2

FB2 ebook

This is the file extension for fiction books. This is an XML-based e-book format that originated in Russia. The format is very convenient for automatic processing, indexing, and ebook collection management.

It contains only one XML file, which makes it easy to automatically convert it to other formats. The FB2 format is used chiefly in fiction. This format describes the structure of a document instead of its appearance.

10. TXT


This is the plain text format that doesn’t support any other media insertion. Additionally, DRM is not supported. TXT can be described as a sequence of lines of electronic text. Various e-Book formats can be converted to this format.

These formats include PDF, MOBI, AZW, FB2, ePUB among many others. The drawback of this format is that it does not have security features thus it is not ideal for data storage.

Choose a multi-format reader

Choose a multi-format reader

Kindle, which now supports ePUB, is the best choice. It is compatible with almost all formats and platforms. You could weigh the different format features to know what’s best. To get some unlimited features, you need to pay for some e-book readers. All the best as you read or create your next ebook!

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