10 Best DNS Servers for PS4 & XBOX

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Do you want a faster internet for your PS4 while you surf and enjoy your gaming without any lag or slow server? These top best DNS servers are the best choices for you.

What is a DNS Server?

Domain Name Server (DNS) consists of the IP address of websites that corresponds with the human-readable hostnames as humans find it difficult to remember individual Websites' IP addresses. It is easy for people to remember any of the websites; however, they find it difficult to remember the IP addresses because the website's name has alpha-numeric, and its IP addresses have only numeric. In this sense, it is hard to remember the numeric hostnames.

For instance, a website has as its IP address, and its hostname is ps7dns.com, it would be easier for humans to remember ps7dns.com than remember it in numbers. The function of DNS is to build a connection between Computer Reader Address (known as IP address) and Human Readable Address (known as Domain).


Top Best DNS Servers for PS4

1. Google DNS (Best for PS4/XBOX One)

Google DNS was launched on December 3rd, 2009. It makes the internet more secure and faster. It has been the world's largest public DNS, managing more than four hundred billion server requests daily. It doesn't use traditional DNS servers for operative purposes. Rather, it dwells on custom-designed cutting edge technology, adhering to a particular set of DNS norms.

Google is also a key player in solving DNS security issues. The normal attack trajectory is to intercept the DNS server in order to redirect the route of the web pages to the malicious servers from the authentic ones. Google records trials that are robust against DNS server spikes, including ‘denial of service' attacks. The DoS (Denial of Services) attacks are a variant of cyber-attacks in which the attacker attempts to make a device resource inaccessible to its users by momentarily or permanently disabling or shutting down the services of a web-linked host.

DoS is typically accomplished by sending hundreds of redundant requests to the server, effectively flooding the resource with the intention of overloading the device so that authorized requests can be stalled and not able to pass. This triggers web traffic, resulting in a much slower server speed.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:

Google DNS

2. OpenNIC

OpenNIC is a free DNS server that takes your traffic away from the DNS servers supported by your ISP. One unique aspect of OpenNIC is that different servers are provided depending on your location. So, once you have chosen to switch to OpenNIC, you will be provided with the four servers closest to your location, i.e., IPv4 and IPv6.

One interesting thing that distinguishes OpenNIC from the others is that it's not entirely a public DNS server; it's a group of volunteers running an alternative DNS network.

OpenNIC provides DNS neutrality, but you also have the right to decide how much data OpenNIC logs.


  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


3. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is used by more than 90 million users worldwide. It claims 100% reliability along with parental controls with a wide variety of sifting choices.

This technology also provides DNS servers that enable you to block adult content called OpenDNSFamilyShield. Like Cloudflare, OpenDNS has global data warehouses that seek to reduce data routes between networks and data centers to make Internet access much faster.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server: 67.220.220


4. DNSWatch

DNSWatch is an extremely successful DNS provider that is entirely free to everyone. Unlike other providers, it does not provide any paid packages.

DNSWatch also proved to be a very successful DNS provider. Just like OpenNIC, it offers DNS neutrality, meaning that it does not censor any content. Privacy is also a major factor in DNSWatch and does not log any DNS queries or document your history.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


5. Cloudflare (Best for PS4/XBOX One)

Cloudflare is known to have created the primary DNS server as the world's fastest DNS system known never to log the IP address of individuals and never sell demographic data or utilizes clients' information to target adverts.

Cloudflare DNS prohibits others from intervening in the search history of individuals and their internet activities with the aid of encrypting web traffic.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS server:


6. Alternate DNS

This DNS server helps users block unwanted and redundant ads. It does this by rallying security on your system. The ads blocking is advantageous because, without them, browsing and gaming speed is much faster. The server also uses a well-cataloged database of well-known ad serving DNS servers to send a null and void response to the IP address of the ad sender before the ad passes through your network. This happens to facilitate the ad-blocking process.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


7. Verisign Public DNS

Verisign Public DNS provides numerous security services such as security against Dos (Denial of Service) attack and Cyber threats. Verisign Public DNS respects your privacy. Because of this, it doesn't sell users' profile or demographic data to any third parties. It also doesn't support pop-ups and redirections to any ads when you make a query.

It provides a detailed 7-step process for gaming consoles or web pages. These are:

Step 1: The input of domain name

Step 2: The activation of Verisign Public Resolver

Step 3: Root server begin to discover the location of the input domain name

Step 4: The root server carries out a check of the domain name to detect the superior server's location

Step 5: The domain name's location is detected, and the server returns to the root server

Step 6: The root server goes to the webpage's actual location

Step 7: The user's web browser carries out a check for security and loads the webpage

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


8. Comodo Secure DNS

The Comodo Dome Sheild DNS server has been a solution-based, reliable global server since the early 2000s, offering security and control from any device in any part of the world. As an international DNS hosted in over 25 countries, It is a cloud-based DNS server used for gaming consoles and corporate because of the high risk of malware creation and phishing in both categories.

Regardless of the network connected to the computer, it shields and panels the user's web traffic. With adjustable features, the server is transparent, and all reports of connected Internet usage are sent directly to the user's email ID. Comodo has stringent rules for both administrators and users, which are enforced to ensure minimum invasion and maximum security. As the world's largest threat intelligent server system, Comodo has provided its services to more than 85 million devices.

It also allows you to add a personalized logo to every previously blocked page to identify spam warnings and spam pages. There are about 80 sections of content that are constantly filtered every other hour to remove any domain names that may function as malware. The server then attaches all of this phishing malware to the custom blacklist to ensure no further intrusion. The Comodo DNS server system provides users with a safer, smarter, and faster internet experience and provides a one-month trial period for users to test out the services provided.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


9. SmartViper

SmartViper is an internet mining company. They specialize in analyzing web pages. They provide free DNS servers for their users. They also log individual information with their website; however, it is unknown what they log with their DNS service. They keep the information confidential from third parties.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


10. SafeDNS

SafeDNS is also a web company. They provide DNS service with filters that can be customized for homes and businesses. They restrict websites with adult contents, malware, and phishing. Unlike SmartViper, they do not keep their logged personal information confidential as they are likely to share it with affiliates for external processing.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


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In this article, we have successfully examined the various top best DNS servers suitable for PS4. These servers are useful for gaming, and they help fasten your PS4 internet.

In case you are facing a problem connecting to PS4 server or your PS4 has a noticeable lag, the issue might be in the configuration of your DNS, and thus, you need the fastest DNS server, which we have successfully examined in this article.

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