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The rise of technology has changed the way we communicate, especially in terms of conversations or chatting. Why?

If you want to chat then, of course, you want to know the best apps for talking and chatting with friends, family, and even for business. At the beginning of the tech revolution, you had apps that stormed the scene like AOL instant messenger and then more and more competition and options developed.

Chat apps now range from being basic messenger tools to more varied and complex communication tools with social media features. So, what makes a great app for chatting? In essence, a good chat app needs to suit your purposes whether it for purely personal chats, business, or a medium for private and secure communication. Let’s learn more about these top-notch chat apps.

[Overview] Our Picks: Top 10 Online Chatting Apps

  1. The Most Popular and Most Used Chat App in the World Everybody Loves: WhatsApp “A popular app that is quick and easy to set up and popular worldwide for a reason.”

  2. A Reliable and Global Leader in Messaging for the Old and New Generations: Skype Messenger App “Familiar to many who may not use computers a lot and loved for its reliability and ease of use for communication.”

  3. The most International Chat App that has Facebook Features and Fun: Line Chat App “Actively used in Asia and convenient including Facebook timeline style features and options for everyone.”

  4. Most Business Friendly App for Large or Small Companies Around the World: Slack Chat App “A professional and streamlined chat app used primarily by small and big companies for business communication around the world.

  5. High-Quality Voice Calls Requiring No Registration: Viber Chat Messenger “High definition calls that are unlimited and free among Viber accounts requiring no setup or accounts.”

  6. The Best Messenger App for Staying in Touch as a Gamer: Discord “This is one of the few chat apps that is designed for gamers with multiple text chats.

  7. The Chat App with the Biggest Growth Potential and Most Unique Features: WeChat Chat AppGrowing numbers around the world use this primarily Asian app that offers unique features based on your friend's list and more!

  8. A Perfect Chat App for the Younger Generation that Allows more Freedom: Kik Messenger AppA controversial app that allows more versatility and access than most other chat messengers on the market.”

  9. Most Recognizable and Widely Known App for All Kinds of Chatting: Facebook Messenger – Lite “One of the most easily accessible and user-friendly apps that is free and includes the fuss-free chatting capability to make your chatting quick and easy.”

  10. The Most Classic and Oldest Chat App on the Market: AIM Phoenix (AOL Messenger) “One of the most original apps and old school chat messengers from the 1990s.”

Key Features for Chat Apps

When you are looking to use the best chat app for talking or business then you need to consider more than a few factors. All apps are not the same for a variety of reasons so pay attention to what works best for you.

  • Registration Page and Account Setup:

If an app takes a long time to set up or register to confirm for usage then you need to reconsider your options. Authentication for an app can take a long time and may affect whether you want to use an app in the long run.

  • Messaging:

You don’t want to think too much message and using messenger instead you want instant accessibility. Private and group chats need to be streamlined and accessible online and offline.

  • Video and Voice Call:

An app that offers unlimited calling and easy customization for group calling will always be better and more attractive.

  • Extra Features:

An app that stands out with background graphics, effective secret or group chats, location sharing, or stickers will always do better because of the dynamic quality of the app features that enhance your chat experience.

  • Media File Sharing:

If you can freely and easily share photos with friends and contacts then check for this increasingly important features.

Top 10 Chatting & Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

1. WhatsApp: Best chatting App

The Most Popular and Most Used Chat App in the World!

whatsapp app

This is one of the world’s favorite apps for good reasons. WhatsApp is very well-liked for a variety of reasons, but familiarity across all regions of the world is by far the strength of this chat app.

Beyond the immense popularity of this app, WhatsApp delivers the goods in terms of features and convenience. First and foremost, WhatsApp has a lot of features that are truly useful as well as updates around the clock.

You will be inundated with ways to communicate in every way. Expect voice and video chats, text messages, group chats, and much more from WhatsApp. And beyond just being so popular and accessorized, WhatsApp is completely free, so anybody can use it for nothing.

If you are someone who wants to use this phone for exchanging files or images then you can use multiple formats like GIFS, video, and other visual and graphics capacity for your enjoyment.  WhatsApp is a popular app as well because it is quick and easy to set up and highly accessorized.

This chat app is owned by Facebook, but you end to end encryption for privacy concerns and ultimate security concerns. Overall, this app can do a lot in terms of sharing and chatting whatever you like between friends anything like pictures, documents, and contacts. The only downside of this app is that it is owned by a social media giant, so expect some privacy issues.

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The most highly rated and popular chat app that delivers on all features from being free, user friendly, to Snapchat like effects and much more.


WhatsApp is popular and owned by Facebook so there are privacy concerns for the ultra-cautious users of chatting.

Click to Download WhatsApp: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

2. Skype Messenger App: Best Messaging Apps

Reliable and Global Leader in Messaging for the Old and New Generations

Skype for free IM & video calls
Skype has been around a long time and it is a trusted name in personal and business communication and chat in general. As well, Skype is quite easy to use, so many people feel comfortable with this reputable and responsive messenger.

Skype is easy to use and configure with your laptop, phone, or computer between Skype contacts. Furthermore, Skype is intuitive in that you can easily connect, message, and send files between Skype profiles and accounts. Also, for a low price, you can call on a real phone number easily.

The points system for buying credits to call any number is affordable and flexible as well. If you want to go further with Skype then you can integrate it with Office Suite as well Skype can be used with macOS or PC with ease.

All in all, Skype does a great job of integrating and bringing together variable needs that make personal and business communication cohesive. As well, Skype is familiar to many who may not use computers a lot and loved for its reliability and ease of use for communication. The downsides of Skype are bearable but center around chat display visibility.


Well known on all fronts from old to young people around the world for personal chatting and even business needs.


Chat visibility among many contacts in group settings can get lost and not appear at times.

Click to Download Skype Messenger App : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

3. Line Chat App: Best International chatting apps

The most International Chat App that has Facebook Features and Fun

LINE apps
Line is popular in certain parts of the world, however, it clearly deserves a bigger audience for a variety of reasons. This chat app is actively used in Asia and continually rated as convenient and easy to set up. In addition, Line includes a Facebook timeline features to give this app a more personalized touch.

Line may not be considered a truly chat app, but it does have more than 600 million users. This chat app excelts by offering a variety of features that are commonly available on messenger and much more as well. For example, Line offers a timeline, which is similar to Facebook.

So, on the Line timeline, you can post and a friend can comment on your very own posts as well. You can also make calls to landlines are possible including free video and voice calls between Line accounts.

The possibilities are pretty good considering you can register for LIne with a mobile device number or email. Once you are using Line, you can then invite other friends in your contacts and then add stickers, enjoy games, or even keep up to date with news and current events from your messenger app. An incredible feature is that you can chat with up to 200 people at once on a Line group chat.

Line offers a lot of perks and does well as a pure chat app. Furthermore, Line has social media options that make it a viable alternative to replacing or even enhancing your Facebook time. The only downside is that the Line app is not readily used outside Asia, so know why it would be wise to use depending on your location.


Line offers wonderful and extensive group chat capability and Facebook-style features to enhance your chat app experience.


Line is mainly used in Asia, so if you are using outside this area then beware of the limitations or market preferences.

Click to Download Line Chat App : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

4. Slack Chat App: Best Business Chat App

Most Business-Friendly chatting App for Large or Small Companies

Slack apps
Slack is a unique chat application that gives people a better and more professional medium for conversation and exchange of information. This is a chat app designed for people who want to get more work done through collaboration within a large or small business environment.

A professional and streamlined chat app used primarily by small and big companies for business communication around the world. You can keep track of your progress with colleagues and projects with Slack as well as have the best tools and information you need to work together.

Slack is the most viable chat app for business or cohesive communication on the market. The look and feel of the app is clean and conducive for business. Moreover, you have support for third-party apps like Google Drive, Giphy, and more. Initially, the app is free, but if you have more intensive group needs then you need to pay an optional subscription fee.

In general, Slack is highly rated as an app for chatting especially within the work and business realm. However, there are quirks and glitches that occur between virtual workspaces.

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Ideal for business communication with built-in tools for group and work features.


Glitchy and slow loading between chat groups and spaces at times, so be patient.

Click to Download Slack Chat App : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

5. Viber Chat Messenger: A Free video calling app

High-Quality Voice Calls App without Registration (phone number needed)

Viber apps

Viber is a great way to give any cell phone the ability to make free voice and video calls. Basically, you can share and instant messages for free with multiple graphic attachments and features.

Viber is popular around the world in certain parts of Europe, but it is limited and experiencing some growth issues. Why? This chat app seems to live in the shadow of Skype and WhatsApp, but this app has over 1 billion users. In addition, Vibor can use your cell phone number to help identify and then use your free via utilizing VoIP.

You can use this app with multiple devices from Android to Blackberry. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to register your username, but you need to use your cell phone number. As well, you have the ability if you are interested to call landlines and mobile numbers at a cheap price. Expect high definition calls that are unlimited and free among Viber accounts requiring no set up or accounts.

Therefore, in the end, you are able to talk freely and rarely pay a price which satisfies many Viber customers. However Viber gets complaints for poor quality and privacy compared to Skype and WhatsApp.


Popular and free calls between peers makes Viber a great option for people who want to call at the drop of a hat without too much hassle. 


Compared to competitors like Skype you will expect some quality issues and privacy concerns.

Click to Download Viber Chat Messenger : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

6. Discord: #1 voice chat app for Gaming

The Best Messenger App for Staying in Touch as a Gamer

Discord apps

Discord is an all in on voice and text chat app that is ideal for gamers. The app, in particular, is free, secure and fairly private, and free to use. This app is ideal for desktop and hone. This is one of the few chat apps that is designed for gamers with multiple text chats.

The main benefit you can get for Discord is by utilizing video call for group calls, drop-in calls, and more featured driven itemization. You have the chance to have team communication through channels for various purposes. The multiple channels you’ll see that range from music channels to tech and gamer channels for chatting. This is a social chat forum more associated with gamers, but open to all.

In summary, Discord is dedicated to voice chat features that offer a chat forum and messenger service with channels with various interests. The scope of different channels gives some a bad impression that is aimed at a tech and gamer crowd.

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A unique chat messenger that is put forward as a channel-driven medium depending on your interests.


The scope of different channels gives some a bad impression that it is only aimed at a tech and gamer crowd.

Click to Download Line Discord : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. WeChat Chat App: Stranger chat app

A chatting app to talk to people Nearby, #1 Chinese social chatting apps

WeChat Application

WeChat is a chat app that first appeared in China and now has spread across the world. The amount of users using WeChat are approaching 1 billion for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, there are growing numbers around the world because it offers unique features based on your friends list and more. For example, you can not only use text messages, video, and voice calls, but you can enhance your chat experience. There is a feature called “friend radar” or “People Nearby,” which is exclusive to WeChat. So, you can search people nearby as well as even secure. Why?

WeChat boasts a hacking firewall that is renowned despite not having an end to end technology. Therefore, you can even make payments using this app. However, WeChat is different than Facebook or WhatsApp because it has the ability to seem like a social media site, but only within your given parameters.

The benefit of WeChat is the intense variety of functions beyond chatting that you can achieve without leaving this app. On the other hand, WeChat is still a tough tool for marketing and retaining ultimate privacy.



WeChat features are varied and exclusive to friend enhancement and even making payments.


Privacy issues are a concern if you want to have complete control.

Click to Download WeChat Chat App : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

8. Kik Messenger App: Anonymous chatting app without phone number

A Perfect Private Chat App for the Younger Generation that Allows more Freedom

Kik apps
Kik is popular among the younger generation but still valid and well worth checking out. The app also referred to as Kik is free on your cell phone through iOS and Android systems. All in all, Kik is a controversial app that allows more versatility and access than most other chat messengers on the market.

Kik has advantages over the other chat apps because it is better for security or being anonymous. This particular chat app sends and receives messages, pictures, other shareable content as well as of course videos. In terms of communication style and accessibility, Kik works a lot like WhatsApp, so it is easy to use and convenient overall.

The most unique aspect to Kik is that the messenger or app will always hide the identity of the user thus protecting your privacy. Remember that this app is more commonly used mainly by younger people; there are over 300 million registered users that are mostly teenagers in the United States.

As well like other apps, Kik is free and requires no money up front so you can download Kik with ease. And yet another advantage, Kik does not occupy much space on your phone compared to other bigger file sizes from other chat messengers. Lastly, if it is a concern for you, Kik has the ability to block any unwanted contact from people you don’t want to communicate with at all.

Overall, Kik is a great alternative chat app for the younger more anonymous types because you reveal as little or as much as you want compared to most other apps. On the other side, beware Kik has a policy of hiding identities of people, so it can be misused in a variety of ways that could even be criminal.


An all purpose chat app, similar to use than WhatsApp, which hides your identity and protects your privacy.


The freedom of this chat app has attracted bad press because of the search parameters you can use, so keep your profile secure.

Click to Download Kik Messenger App : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

9. Facebook Messenger - Lite: Best Social Chat App

Most Recognizable and Widely Known App for All Kinds of Chatting

FB Messanger Lite apps

Facebook may be popular, but it also has a reputation that leads some to question their security and privacy. However, many only use Facebook messenger lite outside of using the popular social media site. The messenger chat app that is widely used and preferred is the Facebook messenger lite version.

Chat apps are meant to be easy and fast in general and this Facebook messenger app is ideal. Don’t use the regular Facebook chat app because it is bogged down by slow loading features like chat graphics, stickers, and other useless features that impact chatting.

Facebook Messenger Lite is useful and highly recommended because it is essentially just a basic chat app with far less fancy and annoying features that you’ll probably never use. If you don’t want to use the Facebook site then use the separate app for maximum chat convenience and fun. Your contact will automatically repopulate so you can add friends by your contact list or scanning a code.

As well, video and voice calls are clear and easy to figure out for first time users. Another convenient and popular attribute is that “chat heads” are showcased to keep a chat active on your screen as you speak. Another recent development, you can even start a more secure conversation that is end to end encrypted.

In general, you have to look beyond the immensity of Facebook and use the separate stand alone app lite version. The many doubts you may have about Facebook are outweighed by the user friendly chatting options of this Facebook chat app. The negatives that are related to security and privacy with Facebook do have to be considered.


Easy to use and instantly recognizable stand app that can be used without the fuss of the site. 


Facebook privacy and security concerns clouds this app very much, so consider all your options.

Click to Download Facebook Messenger - Lite : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

10. AIM Phoenix (AOL Messenger): Classic and Oldest Chat App

AIM Phoenix Messenger

What else can you say about AIM Phoenix, but first and foremost because it used to be AOL instant messenger by America Online? Historically, AOL instant messenger is considered classic. Basically, AIM Phoenix is one of the most original apps and old school chat messengers from the 1990s from when it was called AOL messenger.

Since it is now not part of America Online, the messenger app integrated the popular messaging application from the 1990s and made it viable again. The old buddy lists that were popular and celebrated, with AOL instant messenger, have not been lost on this classic app.

The best reason to use this app would be to have as an app for retro purposes or simply to be nostalgic. Another advantage to this app is that you can sign up using your old AOL login information if you still have it. However, this app is purely on this list for classic and historical reasons.

Setting up the app requires a new account with Phoenix and from there you need to rebuild your buddy lists and configurations. AIM Phoenix is developed and run by a non-profit gaming development team, so the look and feel is decidedly and less technology forward.

Overall, the only reason to use this chat app is for nostalgia. AOL, which is now AIM Phoenix is not an app you use for the quick, flashy, or even more user-friendly reasons. The chat app is great for your computer and phone as well to bring back your classic America Online features from the past.


A classic and retro chat app that brings back your buddy lists and memories of AOL and America Online.


There are some bugs with the new incarnation of AOL Instant Messenger as AIM Phoenix.

Click to Download AIM Phoenix:  Git it on google play

That's all! Enjoy taking to your Friends and strangers!

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