Top 10 best car racing games in 2024: 100% working on PC & PS4

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Do you like racing games? Do you want to get behind a steering wheel of an absolute beast of a car and feel the speed? We are there for you!

Do you like cars? So do we! But driving wildly can often lead to some catastrophic consequences, so humanity invented a safer way to feel the adrenalin without endangering your life or a life of a random stranger that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. For people who love speed, there is a special kind of games.

Those games can be played using your regular old controller, or a racing simulator seat! No matter what controller you use, you will love these cool racing simulator games! These games offer a safe way to blow off some steam and enjoy high-speed chases.

10 Best driving & racing sim games 2023: Still worth to Buy!

1. F1 2019

F1 2019 is a realistic racing game with real-life motorsport racing. The goal here is to win the world championship, and the only way to do that is to be better and faster than the other competitors.

You will drive in first person mode, viewed from the cockpit of the car, and if you own your home cockpit this game guarantees the ultimate racing experience!

The weather changes also make this game extremely realistic. It might take some time to master the tracks, but once you do, you will have hours of fun with just this driving game.

Key Features of F1 2019:

  • Realistic weather conditions
  • Famous car Brands
  • Fun to play

F1 2019: Cons

  • Not so cheap
  • Similar animation to the previous versions
  • Poor human models

2. Automobilista

Automobilista is one of the unique racing games on the internet. It puts you behind a steering wheel of a racing car and lets you race to your heart's content!

Even though the game is not so young anymore, it still holds up as one of the best racing games ever made! With amazing game physics and car models developed for professional racing teams, you will love this car game.

This racing game will also let you feel every bump on the road. Yes, they paid that much attention to detail of this game.

Key Features of Automobilista:

  • Amazing Game Physics
  • Excellent game details
  • Detailed Car models

Automobilista: Cons

  • It is an old game
  • Old graphics engine

3. rFactor 2

This is a racing game that raised the graphics standard of the genre. rFactor 2 is a realistic racing simulator form Studio 397. It offers the latest vehicle customisation paired with great graphics and an outstanding multiplayer game mode where you can race your friends or strangers as much as you want.

This car game supports full day/night cycle while randomly changing weather conditions for the ultimate realistic driving experience!

Key Features of rFactor 2:

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Awesome Car Models
  • Multiplayer mode

rFactor 2: Cons

  • High learning Curve

4. Assetto Corsa

This is one of the best racing simulators on the market. The game used to cost a lot more, but due to the date the game came out, it is much cheaper to buy nowadays, and it can be easily found on steam or any other similar service.

Asseto Corsa has an amazing Mod support which allows players to customise their gameplay experience is also one of the few racing games that supports a VR simulator, which is impressive in my opinion.

Key Features of Assetto Corsa:

  • Mod Support
  • VR Support
  • Unique Gaming Experience

Assetto Corsa: Cons

  • Poor Single Player Mode

5. Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is one of the few games that are way better than the predecessor. This racing game is a mixture of amazing graphics, fantastic gameplay and a whole variety of cars to choose from.

Though it may not be as cheap as some other entries on our list, this game indeed is worth every penny. It also supports a Multiplayer mode where you can test your skills against other players and race the mainline all you wish! This racing simulator includes many famous racing tracks so be sure to learn them all.

Key Features of Project Cars 2:

  • Multiple Racing Tracks
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Fantastic Gameplay

Project Cars 2: Cons

  • Expensive game

6. Gran Turismo Sport

Like some of the other entries on our list, Gran Turismo Sport includes many different cars and tracks. It may lack in some other aspects of the game, but considering the cost, this racing game is worth the price.

Some roads in this racing simulator are real-life tracks you can find in the real world, while others are made up tracks designed by the developers, but the design is so well made, you won't even know the difference between the real-life road and a made up one.

The good thing about this racing game is a very active online community. This means no long queues for an online race, and you will always have fun with this car game.

Key Features of Gran Turismo Sport:

  • Marvellous Design
  • Variety of cars
  • Amazing race tracks
  • Low price

Gran Turismo Sport: Cons

  • Lack of real-world tracks
  • Not Available on Steam

7. X-Motor Racing

X-Motor Racing is one of the highly customizable racing games. While for some players, it means that there is a severe lack of real-life vehicles and famous brands, for others it is an opportunity to design and tweak their cars to their heart's desire.

The game is relatively cheap considering what it has to offer. The graphics of this game might not as good as some other games, but what it lacks in graphics, it makes up in surprising and fun gameplay X-Motor racing has to offer.

Tinkering with your car has never been that much fun until I started playing this fantastic car game. Now I love it, and I know my car is unique in every way, not just the colour and the driver!

Key Features of X-Motor Racing:

  • Many different cars
  • Every aspect of your car is adjustable

X-Motor Racing: Cons

  • Lack of famous brands
  • Poor graphics compared to some other racing games

8. Dirt 4

High-speed car racing can be dangerous to an extent the driver is risking their life while doing it. In Dirt 4, you are embracing that danger and turning it into a winning point of your race.

Dirt 4 is a racing game designed to bring out the adrenaline junkey within and get him behind the wheels of a powerful machine that will bring you straight through that goal line! You will love the thrill of the race with this car game!

Do you want to race with a truck? No problem! See how it feels when you are driving that huge beast and still trying to be the first!

Key Features of Dirt 4:

  • Variety of Vehicles
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Well-made tracks
  • Realistic Feedback System

Dirt 4: Cons

  • Not so Cheap
  • Requires strong graphics

9. RaceRoom Racing Experience

Now, this is an exciting entry on our top 10 racing games list. RaceRoom is a free to play game that connects the racing fans and motorsports fans. You begin your career with plenty of free-to-play content.

All of the tracks are available to all registered users, and there is no buy-to-win system some other games may have. There is nothing this game doesn't have.

The graphics of the game are decent, and the gameplay can be entertaining if you are a racing games fan, which you probably are considering you made it this far.

Key Features of RaceRoom Racing Experience:

  • Free to play
  • Regular updates
  • Plenty of cars

RaceRoom Racing Experience: Cons

  • Free to play games never have the quality of pay to play games
  • Limited Cars with free to play mode

10. Richard Burns Rally

Another realistic driving game, Richard Burns rally is a fantastic racing video game that brings you in the world of racing. The smooth gameplay is what appeals to most of the players of this game.

The graphics might not be the best, but the sheer variety of cars available in this game is impressive. There is also a practice mode where you can master your turns before you join a race of your life. The game has had a few issues now and then, and the models might not be the best, but it is a quality racing game no racer should miss!

Key Features of Richard Burns Rally:

  • Amazing in-game physics
  • A wide variety of cars available

Richard Burns Rally: Cons

  • You have to buy a used copy on Amazon
  • No Steam version


What do you think of our list of the best racing games in 2022? The listing is in no particular order, but all of the games are tested and amazing to play. Some of the games could be a bit harder to locate, but the hours of fun these racing simulators bring are worth the time or money spent to obtain them.

A common suggestion for all of the games is to also get a racing simulator seat or a cockpit for your home. It might cost a bit extra, but it will genuinely complete the racing experience you are after.

Playing these games is always better with dedicated controllers instead of playing on the keyboard like a scrub!


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