Best Cable TV Providers in My Area 2022

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Television is one of the few inventions that has impacted every generation. Even the newest-born kids are familiar with the concept of television and are even fond of the content produced by media networks. A report concluded in 2017 suggests that watching TV can reduce stress levels, promote a healthy lifestyle, and inspire creativity within individuals.

Moreover, the hundreds of channels offered by TV networks have made it possible to watch and enjoy every genre known to humankind. Technology has improved a lot and you can consume TV content even while traveling.

This article is set to discuss the best TV providers in my area in 2022, so read along to find out about the best deals and plans for your entertainment quotient.

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With Cox TV, you can get a customized experience regardless of the plan you choose. Cox offers extensive bundling options that allow you to combine home security, TV, internet, and phone making your life hassle-free.

For a vastly customized experience, you can also choose add-ons and equipment at every step. The following DVR options are available:

Like Spectrum, Cox also has an ACSI score of 63/100 proving that it is a customer-centric service provider. For individuals who have a specific interest, add-on packages called ‘paks’ are also available.



Paks can increase the package price


With a whopping availability in 41 states, Spectrum can be taken as a national service provider. All of its TV plans are priced to suit every type of budget.

Its basic plan is equipped with a number of brilliant features making it an amazing pick. What’s more, is that you can bundle up your TV plan with internet and phone services and enjoy high-value savings and benefits through Spectrum bundles. It does not bind you in any contract making you the sole controller of your services.

With an ACSI score of 63/100, you should know that Spectrum sits well with its customers and has a great customer support team. If you want to get its services, you would be glad to know that Spectrum has a one-hour installation window.

Another great feature of Spectrum is that it offers buyout options – this means that if you are bound in a long-term contract with another provider but want to switch to Spectrum plans, it will buy your contract for up to $500. This particularly stands out because you can cancel your agreement with Spectrum at any given moment.


  • Reasonably priced cable TV plans
  • All plans offer premium channels
  • A lot of money can be saved on bundles


  • Limited cable TV plans



Covering most parts of the United States, Xfinity is one of the most credible TV providers. It is affordable and reliable for all types of income families. Its basic plan starts from $20 per month and lets you watch more than 10 channels. This plan is ideal for individuals with minimal television interest and who are aware of their taste.

Furthermore, Xfinity offers two types of plans: contract-free and contractual. This allows people to choose plans according to their preferences. Nonetheless, contractual plans are offered at relatively cheaper prices.

One great feature of Xfinity is that it provides users with a voice-controlled remote. You can control all aspects of your television with your voice, which is very convenient. Its streaming TV app lets you watch TV from any place whatsoever. The Xfinity X1 DVR also lets you record six different programs at the same time.

If you want HD programming, you can pay an extra $10 per month, and for DVR assistance, you can pay an additional amount without breaking the bank.


  • Vast coverage
  • Incredible DVR capacity
  • Offers standalone TV plans


  • Extra charges for DVR, HD, and receivers


With an ACSI score of 61/100, Optimum is considered a cable TV provider that is loved by customers. Although it is available in only four states, Optimum has become a market leader by providing consistently credible services. if you live in Stamford, Bronx, Paterson, Newark, Brooklyn, Yonkers, or Bridgeport – you should get your hands on this cable service provider.

While Optimum does offer a vast channel lineup at reasonable prices, it also allows you to enjoy extra benefits like HD viewing, on-the-go TV application, inbuilt apps, voice-controlled remote, etc.

If you are stuck in a long-term contract with a poor service provider, Optimum offers a buyout of up to $500. Moreover, Optimum does not oblige you into any sort of contract. All of its plans are contract-free and you can cancel them without worrying about any cancellation charges.


  • Vast channel lineup
  • High-level customer service
  • Offers contract-free plans


  • Is not available everywhere and caters to the only restricted coverage area

Summing Up

Getting the best cheapest cable TV providers in my area depends on availability. Most of the cable providers are increasing the cost with each passing day and that is why most of the subscribers are cutting the cord. However, the aforementioned list of some of the best cable TV providers in my area is not the cheapest, but still worth considering.

All of them offer some kind of packages and perks that suits well with the budget. Make sure to contact customer support in case of any doubts or if you need any assistance. For savings, you can try out their bundles allowing you to add internet and telephone to the cable TV.

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