Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS, iPhone, iPad

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The hottest and sensational topic of the market is indeed Bitcoin. Moreover, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are usually used interchangeably thereby making Bitcoin more famous as compared to the usual word Cryptocurrency.

Some people still are not clear about both terms. They should know if Bitcoin is a drop, cryptocurrency is the whole ocean. But as the technology is advancing, more people are becoming aware of the fact and they are becoming keener as compared to they were before.

The situation of Bitcoin was not always the same. There was a time when people used not to believe in bitcoin. For them, bitcoin was merely an imaginary concept and there was no future of such a thing but fortune had something else in reserve for bitcoin and the reserve was not a normal one but a bountiful amount of it.

It was no less than magic for the physical market and undoubtedly for the digital market. It is because it was only after the advent of bitcoin that people started investing in the digital market. Today, every household knows the name ‘cryptocurrency’, and people have started investing in it or have already made their steps to this beautiful journey. Like The Yuan Pay Group App, you can learn more about bitcoin.

Normally, people are using smartphones for their regular digital transactions so handheld devices are the vast market for Bitcoin and its allies. People use Android the most and Apple is no longer behind. In this article, we are going to discuss the wallets for holding and safekeeping bitcoin in the apple products working on iOS.

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Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty

It is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets for Apple users. It has the capability to store not just Bitcoins but other cryptocurrencies as well. The interface is completely user-friendly and the user experiences a vast feature-rich interface during his journey.

One of the best features of Jaxx Liberty is that apart from Bitcoin users can transact in other cryptocurrencies as well and there is no need to maintain different wallets but it can be managed in one place only.


It is the next popular Bitcoin wallet for iOS users. Just like Jaxx, it is also useful for new users making it famous among beginners. It possesses multiple currency support like Ethereum, Ripple, Wings, and many more.

One of the best features of BRD is that it is an Open-Source Wallet Software thereby making it able to get upgraded and updated with the needs. It is one of the most secure, flexible, secure, and easy-to-use forms of Bitcoin wallet for iOS-based users.



It is considered not just one of the popular but the best Bitcoin wallet for Crypto owners popularly Bitcoin. It has the capability to store coins worth around 500 in numbers.

Despite some serious allegations about security concerns, it managed to escape the controversies and stands out of the crowd. It is basically made for advanced users and only experienced users use this wallet.


It is considered as the most secure bitcoin wallet of the year 2020. It is programmed by highly experienced programmers making it least prone to theft and cloning.

It has a user-friendly interface equally helpful for newbies and experienced as well as intermediaries. It is also an open-source wallet.



It is one of the tools for iPad users that helps to manage digital assets efficiently and easily. It is a professional bitcoin wallet that has the capability, efficiency, and flexibility.

It supports over more than 30 crypto assets and Bitcoin indeed making it one of the most used bitcoin wallets on the iOS platform.

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