4 Best Apps That Will Introduce You To The World Of Nature

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“If you are interested in the world of nature and plants or daily care routines, explore it using the most exciting apps for your smartphone.”

Living in harmony with nature is amazing. However, nowadays, you can combine it with the latest technology trends. The developers have taken care of everyone interested in plants and nature and have created the most helpful apps that will allow everyone to explore an amazing world of nature.

Thanks to different apps for smartphones and tablets, you can travel and walk and just enjoy the world around you. There is no need to turn to encyclopedias anymore. You can learn interesting facts about plants, know their names and history, find out more facts about animals and insects you see and do many other things just with the help of your phone.

Such an app will also be very helpful in your studies. Biology and geography students will highly assess their significance when working on their lab reports, for instance.

1. LiLy – Plant Identification

If you plan to start exploring the green universe, this app is right for you. The Lily – Plant app is an innovative tool that helps everyone fond of plants get information and the necessary assistance. It is the best plant identifier to detect what kind of plants those are. If you do not know the name of the plant you like but would like to, just take a phone and receive the quick results. Moreover, the app will find other suggestions for you.

LiLy - Plant Identification

Knowing the name of a plant is easy with Lily. You can also make your own collection of plants and add more species daily. If you need fresh ideas, the app will take care of it and give you more interesting information. Searching for new samples, collecting plants, and learning everything about them, including their history will be easier than ever.

This iPhone application is not only telling you what species you are taking photos of. It has a large database with a detailed description of each plant. Learn about daily care routines to save the life of your favorite home plant. The app can send you reminders so that you would not forget about care. Just do not forget to set them up.

One of Lily's biggest benefits is that it gives a lot of articles updating every day regarding everything that relates to the flora world. Moreover, you can use the help of the specialists by asking questions you are interested in and receiving the answers from biologists within 24 hours.

The app has a trial period, after which your subscription will be charged automatically. If you do not want to keep using the app, cancel your subscription in your iTunes account.

2. BirdNET — Bird sound identification

If the previous tool is designed for your iPhone, this one is one of the greatest apps for every Android user. Just like the previous app, it uses image recognition technology, including audio recognition. BirdNET is an AI-based app that trains computers to identify the most popular species of birds.

BirdNET — Bird sound identification

The app allows users to record audio of the bird’s sound. It will be sent to the BirdNET servers to identify the species by sound. Unfortunately, the app is not full-fledged yet but you can still use it and help it develop. The project keeps being expanded and updated.

3. Collins Bird Guide

This app is available for both iPhone and Android users. It is not free and it will cost On Play Market, you will have to pay £12.99, and on the App Store, £14.99. However, the game is worth the candles. The Collins Bird Guide app is a great resource that will provide you with tons of information and illustrations.

Collins Bird Guide

You will find a detailed print guide that is very helpful. Thanks to it, you do not have a large book anymore. You can use very simple search filters to find all the information you are interested in. Record location, sightings, and date with the listing tool. If you are a real fan of birds, the app incorporates the BTO/Birdwatch Ireland/Scottish Ornithologists’ Club mapping data. However, for that feature, you will need to pay an extra fee.

4. iGeology

This is one more app created for naturalists. It is not only to tell you more about flora and fauna but something that will show you everything below your feet. The app is presented by the British Geological Survey and is totally free. You can download it from both the Play Market and App Store.


Take your phone with you and learn about everything you see on the surface thanks to a series of maps. Thanks to GPS, your location can be easily detected and you will see the geological landscape in a 3D view. Share your observations with whomever you wish.


The list above can continue because there are more apps to explore the world of nature on the market nowadays. If you are looking for a good assistant in your biology, geology, geography, or just for a naturalistic hobby, any of the apps above will be really helpful. Pick the one that suits your interests most of all.

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