20 Best Anti-Fraud Software Tools [Fraud Prevention]

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Do you want to protect your business from fraudulent online transactions? Only the best anti-fraud software can help you do that. This article has provided you with the best anti-fraud software tools to help your digital business stay protected.

Internet fraud has skyrocketed with the meteoric rise of digital commerce. The impact of COVID-19 on online fraud attacks cannot also be overlooked. Those who engage in retail are a prime target for cybercriminals because of their susceptibility to fraud. As a result, there is now a higher need for fraud-detection software.

Statista recorded that in 2022, internet payment fraud cost businesses across the world a whopping 41 billion dollars. By 2023, it is predicted that the number will have increased to 48 billion USD.

The commonest type of this digital fraud activity is termed ‘friendly fraud, where the fraudster customer, after purchasing a product using their credit or debit card, goes to their bank to dispute the transaction to get a refund.

Those new to the industry, those unfamiliar with the intricacies of the sector, and companies without adequate security measures in place are all at risk.

High-risk, fake, or malicious online transactions may be identified and prevented with the use of fraud detection and safety systems.

Financial transactions, remote users and activities, purchases, and more may all be monitored in real time by these systems. By doing so, the tools can evaluate the situation and assign risk levels to help detect suspicious or dishonest behavior.

I have compiled the best fraud detection tools to help you stay safe in a world where more and more transactions are happening online.

1. Outseer — Uses risk-based decisions to safeguard digital customer interactions

Outseer for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Every time a customer fraudulently interacts with your online service, Outseer detects and stops it.

Its anti-fraud and user-friendly features are the result of its usage of machine learning and data science.

Assess the potential threat posed by user actions and financial transactions on internet platforms in real time.

Features of Outseer

  • One of the best detecting fraud rates in the business
  • Whole ecosystem treatment
  • Choose your difficulty level of step-ups
  • Preventing fraud across all channels without compromising security

2. Opticks — Prevent digital advertising scams and keep your business safe.

Opticks for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

The most complex forms of ad fraud are immediately identified and blocked by Opticks.

Find out in a millisecond whether the traffic will pay off and stop advertising fraud in its tracks. Give your expansion teams access to comprehensive acquisition data.

With the help of Opticks, you can easily identify and keep tabs on sophisticated forms of online ad fraud, which may substantially boost your earnings.

Features of Opticks

  • Security against fraud that can be tailored to your needs
  • Innovative, adaptable software
  • Effective data representation
  • Superior Detection of Fraud

3. Ekata — Protects e-commerce fraud and improves order processes

Ekata for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Ekata’s professional Insight has six different kinds of searches, extensive analytics and administrative capabilities, simple workflow connections, and a comprehensive and easy-to-understand perspective for agents.

The goal of creating Ekata was to streamline the evaluation process used by teams looking into fraud.

Its web interface displays the Identity Risk Score, as well as critical modeling and analytic indicators that impact the score, review phases, and extensive data for each information component.

Features of Ekata

  • Systematized operation
  • An Application Programming Interface for Assessing Risk in Transactions
  • A Professional Insight

4. Xceed — Provides accurate detection

Xceed for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Using Xceed’s pre-built anti-money-laundering (AML) and fraud-prevention mechanisms and network integrations, medium-sized businesses such as local banks, Fintech companies, and credit unions may experience less downtime and fewer security threats.

Your customers are increasingly vulnerable to fraud as a result of digital speed and faster payments.

With Xceed’s cutting-edge AI, you’ll be alerted to an attack’s early stages so you can stop it before any funds are transferred.

Features of Xceed

  • Improve productivity as much as possible.
  • Minimize erroneous positives
  • Improved reliability in detecting
  • Analytics of past behavior and automated learning for the present

5. Abrigo — Best online fraud detection solution

Abrigo for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Abrigo provides a centralized system for case management for quick and successful resolution of alarms, in addition to identifying and warning you of several fraud kinds that you can configure.

BAM+ Fraud makes it simple to detect, investigate, and stop fraud inside a company.

Features of Abrigo

  • Detection Via One or Many Channels
  • Command and adaptability
  • Cooperation and productiveness
  • Extraordinary Reporting

6. Fraud.net — Avoids and protects against risks

Fraud net for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Fraud.net is a collection of services for detecting and preventing fraud that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify scam control by offering protection from multiple types of fraud with a unified system.

Your organization will be better able to prevent hazards and fraud with the help of this fraud detection technology.

Prevent unwanted users from getting access to client profiles through brute force or by cramming passwords.

Features of Fraud.net

  • Makes use of synthetic intelligence
  • Solutions for managing fraud that range in kind and complexity
  • Safeguards against being charged back
  • Detection of insider threats

7. Ocrolus — Provides unparalleled efficiency in fraud detection

Ocrolus for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

As far as integrating human and robotic workers to verify data is concerned, Ocrolus is an industry leader.

It integrates machine learning alongside human verification to improve the likelihood of acquiring accurate data.

It saves time by reducing the need for pre-sorting documents.

Features of Ocrolus

  • Quicken the pace of processing
  • Fill up the gaps with fresh information
  • Improving Accuracy
  • Raise conformity

8. Nethone — Provides higher fraud detection precision

Nethone for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Nethone provides an anti-fraud transaction system that promotes the growth of online businesses.

More than five thousand attributes have been retrieved by Nethone for each of your users. It sheds light on more than just the bare facts.

Features of Nethone

  • Deeply tried and true machine learning
  • Prevention of Account Takeover
  • The proportion of reviews done manually
  • Improved accuracy in detecting fraud

9. DataDome — Best global fraud solution

DataDome for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Begins at 2,990 USD monthly

The unique DataDome SDK is lightweight, discrete, and can be set up in less than 3 minutes on the most popular mobile platforms.

The protection of mobile applications is an obvious choice for its clients due to their dependability.

Features of DataDome

  • Quantitative methods of the highest kind
  • Safeguards are driven by artificial intelligence
  • Tracking data in real-time
  • Always-available tech assistance
  • Storage of data

10. Pipl — Provides real-time verification of identity

Pipl for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

The Pipl database, which has unparalleled identity data, is linked to your servers.

The industry’s best fraud analyzers and detectives rely on straightforward search engines for quick identity verification and swifter inquiries.

In contexts requiring immediate contact information updates and identification confirmations.

Features of Pipl

  • Confirmation of identification in real time
  • Linked information
  • Data clustering is done using proprietary algorithms.

11. Stripe Radar — Fight fraud with machine learning

Stripe Radar for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Using machine learning and data from millions of businesses across the globe, Stripe Radar can detect and avoid fraud in any kind of enterprise.

There is no further setup required since it is included within Stripe.

Although they may have worked in the past, antiquated techniques of preventing fraud may lower acceptance rates and cause a company to lose money in the digital age.

Features of Stripe Radar

  • Non-intrusive verification
  • Avail yourself of personalized security
  • Put an end to the barring of legal buyers
  • Make use of useful ML

12. CertifID — Best for valuable transaction protection

CertifID for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

CertifID is a service that checks the legitimacy of users before a transaction is made.

CertifID is compatible with the most popular title production software on the market, providing you with a simple, efficient, and cost-effective option.

Keep your client’s information safe by verifying their identity. CertifID has all the features you need and the safety you want in one convenient package.

Features of CertifID

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Guaranteed

13. Kount — End-to-end fraud protection

Kount for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

When it comes to protecting their customers against fraud from beginning to finish, Kount provides a whole suite of services and products.

Safeguard against harmful bot activity and account takeover attempts while maintaining top-notch customer support.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and information gathered from worldwide networks may be used to effectively evaluate a user’s identification and so prevent fraudulent digital payments.

Features of Kount

  • Conversations are amplified to their fullest extent
  • Fewer chargebacks
  • Automatically made decisions

14. Seon — Fraud protection for any online business

Seon for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Begins at 0.06 USD per check

The Seon software development kit (SDK) and its components may be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and technological environments.

The software’s integration with Zapier will allow you to reach new heights of productivity and organization.

You can add another layer of security or a full preventive system with no up-front costs.

Features of Seon

  • Access control systems
  • Fingerprinting devices and identifying proxies
  • Granular regulation

15. Appsflyer — Protect your budget from mobile ad fraud

Appsflyer for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Using Appsflyer, you can see in detail the post-attribution fraud rate, estimated savings, and the number of media partners that have been victimized by your account.

Defenses against sophisticated fraud attacks must be creative.

Features of AppsFlyer

  • Guard360 control panel
  • Unrefined data
  • Accountability among media outlets
  • Identification of fraud after attribution

16. Feedzai — Finely-turned model performance

Feedzai for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Feedzai is a fraud detection technology backed by machine learning that is used by banks and businesses throughout the globe.

This centralized platform analyzes massive amounts of data to help businesses keep tabs on and cut down on all types of fraudulent financial activity, from product counterfeiting to money laundering.

Features of Feedzai

  • Machine learning-based decisions
  • Customers have a seamless experience with no friction.
  • Improvements in model efficiency by fine-tuning
  • Statistics and data gathered in real-time

17. Caseware — The best affordable fraud protection service

Caseware for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Caseware is an all-inclusive program that helps prevent fraud and facilitate AML compliance at a low cost.

The software employs risk analytics information as well as machine learning techniques to lessen the likelihood of financial crime occurring at financial institutions, including insurance providers, fintech firms, banks, and MSBs.

18. Riskified — Frictionless fraud management for digital business

Riskified for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Riskified is an additional piece of software designed to deter and prevent fraud in online stores, with the bonus of boosting sales.

This tool protects customer accounts and maintains a positive brand image by performing a variety of tasks, including chargeback guarantee, payment authorization, and account security.

Features of Riskified

  • Connectivity via plugins or application programming interface (API)
  • Correct evaluation of possible risks
  • Super-intelligent computer programs
  • The Answer to Account Hacking

19. FCase — End-to-end fraud prevention

FCase for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Also well-known is FCase, a program that helps BFSI institutions investigate potential cases of fraud by using cutting-edge analytics.

For organizations to evaluate client case control systems, financial behavior, and fraud, FCase Fraud Orchestration develops a formalized fraud framework.

Features of FCase

  • Enhanced satisfaction for clients
  • Lessening of fraud
  • Ascertaining which purchases are genuine
  • Password-less login with little hassle

20. Sift — Grow revenue without fraud risk

Sift for Anti Fraud Software

  • Price: Available on request

Sift is an all-inclusive bundle of digital trust and safety that safeguards customers’ transactions and makes use of real-time analytics to maximize expansion.

From protecting against spam and minimizing chargebacks to securing new users and providing multi-factor authentication, this solution has it all for financial services, travel, and e-commerce businesses.

Features of Sift

  • A whole technical account team is committed to serving you.
  • API for identifying devices by fingerprint
  • Powerful, Discernment-Centered, and Friendly User Interface
  • Unparalleled network connection on a global scale

Helpful Tips for Selecting Fraud Detection Tools

1. Enhanced Tracking System

The fraud tracking system must be compatible with both existing and future multi-factor verification options. A continuous risk assessment should be performed, and the identification flow should be reorganized accordingly. Depending on the level of danger involved, it should always use the strongest authentication method available.

2. Analyzing Features

It is equally important that the system be flexible enough to accommodate previously unanticipated forms of fraud.

It has to be equipped with a versatile set of tools for data collection and analysis, correct inferences about the digital footprint, responsive action in response to fraud risk discoveries, and thorough reporting.

As time goes on, your fraud department shouldn’t be able to imagine working without it; thus, it must be compatible with your present setup.

3. Immediate Detection and Prevention

The first need for a top-notch system is the ability to recognize and react instantly to a broad variety of fraud scenarios, both generic and specific to your company. Criminals utilize a wide variety of fraudulent schemes, including payment fraud, credit card fraud, internet fraud, account acquisition fraud, and refund fraud.


Q. Can fraudsters be tracked?

Scammers can only be tracked with the help of businesses working together to create and disseminate “blacklists.” With each new effort at fraud, the con artist’s profile grows, revealing his or her regular methods and potential victim demographics.

Q. What does fraud detection mean?

What we call “fraud detection” really encompasses a wide variety of techniques and forms of analysis that help businesses spot and stop any instances of dishonest money dealing.

Fabricated claims, internet theft, id theft, and credit card fraud are all examples of this.

Company policies, procedures, employee education, and other forms of protection can all play a role in thwarting fraudulent activity.

Q. Are anti-fraud software reliable?

Yes, they are reliable. Anti-fraud software helps prevent fraud against your digital business.


It might be challenging to stay abreast of all the new fraud schemes and techniques in the continuous battle against it. Although financial losses and data breaches may be devastating to an organization, anti-fraud software can assist.

20 of the most effective anti-fraud programs on the market today have been profiled in this article in the hopes that they will be useful in deciding for your organization.

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