15 Best Android Backup App in 2023 [Free & Paid]

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Are you afraid of losing valuable data from your smartphone or running out of space? Get yourself an Android backup app and safeguard your data.

What is an Android backup app? This is an app or software that you can install on your Android devices and use to backup your data. You can also use the app to recover data from cloud storage to phone storage through the device’s backup transport system. Some apps offer auto backup services, while in others,s you have to backup up data manually.

Here are some of the best Android Backup Apps that you can use to safeguard your data and free more storage space on your Android device.

1. Super Backup and Restore

Super Backup and Restore from Play Store

This is an amazing Android backup app that you should have on your phone if you want toa to create more storage space and secure your valuable data. Super Backup and Restore app supports various applications, address book, SMS, call log and backup to an external SD card.

It doesn’t matter whether your phone is rooted or no, and youu can use this backup software. It is recommended that you enable account synchronization on your browser so that you will never lose any data again. Please note that this app is free but it offers in-app purchases.

2. Google One

Google One from Play Store

Are you looking for a reputable Android backup app that you can easily upgrade when you need more space? Then it would help if you went for Google One. This app is free but it comes with in-app purchases.  You can automatically backup your data and manage Google cloud storage using Google One app. The app comes with a free 15 GB of storage space, also available in every Google account.

However, you can upgrade to get more space and share your storage with up to five people. You can use Google One to back up your photos, messages, contacts and even use it to manage your other Google storage across Google Drive.

3. Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore from Play Store

You can never lose your data using Backup and Restore. This app is an all-rounded app that you can use to backup personal data, restore it and transfer apps free of charge. You can also use the app to improve the auto uninstall feature in some android devices.

The good thing about App Backup restore is that transfer is a simple apk assistant. You can also use the app to upload and download backups to Google Drive easily and safely.

4. SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore from Play Store

This app is for those looking for a free tool that they can use to back up their SMS and MMS messages and call logs from their phones. You can never lose your data if you use the SMS backup and restore the app. This app also restores call logs and messages from your existing backups.

Please note that you need to have existing backups to use SMS Backup and Restore to back up messages and call logs. Please note that this app only restores backups made from it and it requires permission to access several items on your phone.

5. Apps Backup And Restore

Apps Backup And Restore from Play Store

Do you fear that you may lose apps installed in your phone and data if something happens to your phone? Then you should get yourself Apps Backup and Restore. This app will help you to save your installed apps to Internal and SD cards and reinstall them anytime you want to do so.

The good thing about Apps Backup and Restore is that it supports auto-backup of apps and can also uninstall installed apps. The service promises to add more features to the app to make it more effective based on user needs.

6. Alpha Backup Pro

Alpha Backup Pro from Play Store

You can easily back up, restore, share apps and app data on your Android device using Alpha Backup Pro. This app comes with amazing features that enable you to have full control of the apps and data on your Android device.

You can also use the app to freeze and unfreeze apps, disable and enable apps, remove junk generated by apps, convert user apps to system apps and vice versa. Alpha Backup Pro is a paid-up that will cost you about $7.5 and it comes with a built-in app lock system to enhance the security of your apps and data.

7. Swift Backup

Swift Backup From Play Store

This is an amazing free Android backup app but it offers in-app purchases. Swift Backup is an efficient app but it requires Google Sign-in to work. Here you can easily call logs, applied wallpapers, and messages. For those with rooted devices, you can use Swift Backup to backup and restore app data and special app data. The good thing about this app is that it also supports a wide selection of cloud services.

For instance, you can use Swift Backup to back up your data on Google Drive, Yandex, One Drive, and Dropbox among others. Its premium options include scheduled backups, app labels, custom backup, and cloud backups for apps.

8. Easy Backup

Easy Backup from Play Store

Are you looking for an app that you can use to backup contacts, restore them, and transfer them between mobile devices easily? Then look no more because you can achieve all that using Easy Back up free app. You can also use the app to share your contacts via Telegram, Dropbox, Skype, Google Drive, Gmail, and WhatsApp among others.

Easy Backup ensures your contacts are safe and you can easily recover them even after replacing your smartphone. You just need to download the app, install it on your smartphone, create an account, and hit the “Backup Now” button.

9. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup from Play Store

For those looking for an Android backup app that supports many languages and has millions of users, you should try Titanium Backup. The app is available free of charge but it needs ROOT. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your data when using Titanium Backup because it’s secure and highly effective.

Some tasks that this app performs include multiple back-ups, apps freezer, batch restores, encryption and systems log cleaner among others. Generally, Titanium is a great app for everyone who wants to have full control of his or her Android smartphone.

10. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup from Play Store

This is a great free Android backup app but it comes with in-app purchases. G Cloud Backup is a reliable app for safeguarding your phone data and it comes with 10 GB of free storage. You can use this app to safeguard your messages, contacts, documents, call logs, music, videos, and photos in cloud storage.

The good thing about G cloud Backup is that you can use it to protect more than one device and it doesn’t require special configuration or rooting. Just download the app, install it into your device and you're good to go.

11. Google Photos

Google Photos from Play Store

Would you like to back up your photos safely, share and organize them easily?  All you need is to download and install the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone. This is an official app from Google, thus you don’t have to worry about your safety when using it.

You have access to 15 GB of free storage where you can back up your photos and video. Some notable features from Google Photos include free storage, free up space, smart automatic albums, automatic creations, advanced editing suite, and Google lens among others.

12. Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync from Play Store

This is the app to go for if you wanna create your own private cloud. Resilio Sync allows users to send huge files between devices directly from one device to another. You’re safe from identity theft and attacks when using Resilio Sync because it doesn't share user data with third-party servers.

The app comes with other superior features such as automatic camera backup, supports and device and platform, direct transfers and supports all types of files. Please note that Resilio Sync is a personal file syncing manager.

13. Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile from Play Store

The list of best Android backup apps can't be complete without mentioning Backup Your Mobile. This app is one of the best in the market when it comes to backing up SMS, Call logs, Wi-Fi passwords, Calendar events, contacts, and browser history among others.

When using this app, you can choose to store your backups locally or on cloud storage. You can also schedule automatic backups with the Back Your Mobile App. This tool gives you full control of your Android smartphone and you can never lose your valuable data.

14. Google Drive

Google Drive from Play Store

You can use this universal app to backup files from any device. Google Drive is a part of the Google Workplace and product of Google. The good thing about this app is that it’s free and you can invite other users to view, edit and comment on the files you have shared on the drive.

Some tasks that you can perform using Google Drive include storing files and accessing them from anywhere, sharing files with other people, and viewing comments on shared files among others.

15. Dropbox

Dropbox from Play Store

Last, but not least, is Dropbox. This universal free app allows users to upload files and share them with anyone. You can use Dropbox on your Android smartphone to backup videos and photos and other files to the cloud storage.

The good thing about Dropbox is that you can access your files from any device, from anywhere, and anytime you want them. It also supports sharing of both large and small files. You can also upgrade to Dropbox Plus and enjoy 2000 GB (2TB) of storage space.

Final Word

You don't have to worry about losing important data from your Android device or running out of storage space anymore. All you need is a reliable Android backup app and you’re good to go.

Just choose one of the apps listed above based on your needs and use it to safeguard your important data. That way, you can always recover your files easily if you lose your smartphone.

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