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I know watching anime in your spare time is one of the most satisfying pleasures that probably stays in your heart for the longest time. I also know that talking about anime is a never-ending topic and it is a one-way entry world.

Once you take your first step to this magnetic world, there will be no further looking back. Instead, the infectious magnitude of anime would take you to their never-ending fantasy world where you can manifest your imagination with your creative interpretation. So, when it sounds irresistible and uncontrollable, then what would you do while enduring the real realm of the most fascinating anime.

On the other hand, if you're already addicted to everything related to the anime world then you must be dying to know the most highlighting aspects of the most popular series Mieruko-chan.

So, stop tasting your patience and get going with the flow of this article to blow your mind with the most intriguing input of this anime series while watching it with the maximum means of bbfly funimation video downloader.

Series Name…Mieruko-chan Mieruko-chan(2021)


  • Rating: 7.4/10
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy
  • Directed by: Amber Lee Connors and Yuki Ogawa
  • Produced by: Hideyuki Hitomi, Jotaro Ishigami, Noritomo Isogai, and others
  • Cast: Sora Amamiya, Kaede Hondo, Ayane Sakura, and others.


It's about a girl is a high school student, who suddenly starts to see monsters around her and this incident completely turns her life upside down. Even though she gets horrified with the situation, she decided to ignore these incidents around her to deal with the situation.

Instead of facing these monsters she completely avoids them even though they create trouble for her best friend and others. How she tries to protect her best friend is going to be a very hilarious as well as a horror experience for the audience to watch. So, this is a saga of a simple young girl being indifferent to the paranormal situation around her life.


On a normal school day, a young girl named Miko started to see and hear various types of horrifying sounds, moving objects, flashing lights. This whole incident seems very disturbing to her and she started to think about whether she is experiencing monsters around her or not.

Once she was convinced with the fact that indeed she was experiencing dead people around her and therefore she tried hard to live her normal regular life. But it became difficult for her when she saw that these dead people had started harassing her best friend called Hana.

Miko eventually helped a hunted kitten to have a new home and surprisingly the bead wife of the recent lessor of the kitten appeared with her suspicious look. On the other hand, Miko also had to repulse a hunted man with dark ghost energy. After that, a talkative spirit was hunting Miko throughout the journey to a cafe where she was supposed to meet Hana.

At the cafe, Miko saw that a young man and a young woman were surrounded by two opposite-sex jealous spirits who were trying to confuse the couple by giving them the impression that they are unfaithful to each other. Now to tackle this hunting situation Miko bought some prayer beads and they immediately broke when she had come across a more powerful spirit around her.

While witnessing the whole situation Hana took Miko to a nearby fortune-teller known as Godmother who gave some ineffective beads to Miko to cheat her but she was surprised to see that the beads were broken too and the Godmother after realizing the real presence of the ghosts around Miko, gave some more powerful beads to her but it also failed.

Now, hang on, I am not going to take you to the climax of the story since watching this thrilling fantasy in your funimation offline viewing with the bbfly funimation video downloader would be a lifetime experience for you.

Special sides of the story

Even though it's an anime world, this story would take you to some unconventional realm of life where you have no control and choice left but to accept what is happening to you. Another most interesting part of the story is how Miko deals with her situation. Instead of facing or running away from her traumatic scary situations, she chooses to ignore and avoid the situation.

This is a very uncommon way to handle situations but sometimes you are forced to do something unusual to cope with some compulsive situations. While watching her actions and attitudes towards her given hunted situation, being a fan of Miko, you could have thought that she should have done this or that. However, unless and until you walk in her shoes while watching this entire series, you wouldn't be able to resonate with her fear, pain, helplessness, and compulsiveness.

You would surprisingly get involved with the gradual flow of the story even if you know that it is a fictional fantasy. But you just couldn't resist yourself but to relate with the characters of this story with their respective situations. So, instead of assuming too many things about the entire journey of Miko you better take a ride with her to create the most unforgettable memory of your life.

Our Verdict

Being nominated for the 5th Next Manga Awards this story has already established its popularity and its massive acceptance. So, it is quite obvious that you are going to get one of the most popular anime content through this series. Even though this story has revolved around horror and suspense, you can instantly empathize with the main characters of this saga because of their helplessness. On the other hand, a few hilarious incidents have also lightened the intensity of the scary haunted situations.

So, watching this saga in your funimation offline viewing would take you on a rollercoaster ride of thrill, suspension, emotion, fun, and full-on entertainment. So, you must not miss this saga, instead, we would recommend you to watch this phenomenal fantasy as many times as you want with the bbfly funimation video downloader because it's truly worth staying with this saga for the longest period to turn your quality time to the most memorable one.

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