Auto Insurance: Everything you Must Know When Moving to Another State

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An interstate move has its challenges. You have a lot on your plate and the change would affect several parts of your life both personal, cultural and professional.

As you move to another state you need to address a t of things including the shipping of your car. You can easily find the best overall car shipping companies of 2021 on and let the expert handle your transportation requirements. But, what about the car insurance? Can you keep the same auto insurance company?

Well, car insurance is an important concern when moving your car from one state to another. As Car Insurance is a pre-requisite to drive a car in any of the 50 states, you must be aware of all the details related to moving a car from one state to another.

In this post, we have tried and answered all the major concerns about shipping a vehicle to the new state and its effects on the car insurance.

Large car insurance companies offer coverage in all 50 states

50 states

If you have purchased a car insurance from one of the large insurance companies, you do not have anything to worry about. Large-sized car insurance companies such as State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, USAA, and other similar companies, you do not need to change your auto insurance company. These company cover drivers in all 50 states.

If you have a car insurance with any of these companies and are moving to a new state, you can keep your car insurance and enjoy legally driving the car in the new state.

However, it is crucial that you notify the company about the change in your address. The company will then make any required changes to your car insurance policy as per the rules of the state.

Small car insurance companies have limited coverage

limited coverage

Fr vehicle owners who have bought an insurance with a small sized insurance company, you must check whether or not your company covers the state you are moving to. Not all car insurance companies of small scale cover all the states. As the coverage is limited, you may have to find a new insurance provider when you move to a new state.

There are high chances that your car insurance company may have a partnership with another car insurer who operates in the state you are moving to. Ask your car insurer about any such regional partnerships as this can make your car insurance switching process easier.

There are different car insurance rules in different countries

Different car insurance

There is a unique department of insurance in every state that overlooks the vehicles and related rules. The department sets car insurance rules and requirements for different states. These rules differ from one state to another. Some states may have high required levels of liability insurance, others may have low and some may not have any liability requirements at all.

These rules affect the cost of the car insurance and hence different states have different cost of insurance. When you move your car to a new state, it will affect the car insurance premium you pay. Depending upon the state you have moved to, you will have to pay a higher or lower premium. You must check that your policy complies with the rules of the new state.

Contacting car insurance company within 30-90 days of move is crucial

30-90 days

Most of the states follow the 30-90 days rule. As per this rule, it is crucial for a car owner to intimate the car insurance company about their change of address within 30-90 days of the move and make the necessary switch. If you are continuing with the existing car insurer, you will have to inform the car insurance company, otherwise your insurance may stand cancelled.

Discussing the change of state with the car insurance company will also offer your insight of the premium changes. You will have to pay higher or lower premiums depending on the rules applicable in the new state.

Get car insurance quotes and compare


If you have to change your car insurance after moving to a new state, you must ensure that you choose the best policy. An ideal policy is the one that provides you the right coverage in an affordable price. To find a credible car insurance company and car insurance, you must get car insurance quotes from at least three different companies. You can get free insurance quotes online and compare them.

When comparing, make sure you check the premium, and all the inclusions in the policy. You must know that moving from one area to another within the same state can also affect the cost of the insurance for example, when you move from a rural area to an urban area, the cost would change.

It is important that you tie up with a credible car insurance company, you will not face any problems when moving to another state. You can always take help from your car shipping company as the professionals can refer you some good car insurance options in the new state.

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