How to Get a Student Discount on Audible

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Are you currently finance-starved, and you’re wondering how to enjoy Audible services despite your lack of finances? These methods guide you on how to get an Audible student discount and enjoy listening to your favorite books even though you’re low on finance.

What is Audible?


Audible functions as an online platform where students listen to books and learn in audio form. It is a unique experience for students to learn new things by simply listening to their favorite books through the help of Audible audiobooks. All you have to do is plug in your earphones or whichever way you choose and listen as the speaker reads out the story to you.

Audible has book collections ranging from over two hundred thousand. With Audible, you can easily read your favorite stories or Novel.

Audible Student Plan accountHowever, the platform requires you to sign up for the membership plan to be eligible to enjoy the services mentioned above. The membership plan is a bit costly, making a good number of students lose interest in it because they find it unaffordable. Despite this hike in its membership price, you can still enjoy its service through the help of Amazon, which provides Audible discount to students. This discount is exclusive to students only, and it allows them to afford Audible subscription at a relatively cheap price, say 30 to 50 percent lesser than the normal price.

Though the discount’s value often changes on certain occasions and months, students still get to enjoy its additional benefits like Amazon credit, etc.

Why Audible Student Discount?

It is believed that your college years happen to be the most fun-filled time of your life; however, they fail to understand that every student, at a point time, usually finds it difficult to keep up with the struggle for finance for food, books, and even clothes.

Audible Student Discount features

As a student, you find out that money is often very tight, perhaps because you are not independent. The struggle to always come out the best often wears on you when you’re not financially buoyant.

One of the best things that can happen to you as a student is student discounts. Student discounts help you alleviate the financial burden. Several companies provide student discounts to those who find it hard to financially meet up with lectures, studies, writing, researching, etc. This is where Audible student discounts come in handy.

Benefits of Audible Student Discount

Audible student discount has significantly impacted students financially. Presently, it enables students to purchase its subscription at a 30 percent discount. Also, it gives students 10 dollar Amazon credit, which they can use to purchase any Amazon product.

Benefits of Audible Student Discount

Below is a complete list of the benefits every student can enjoy with Audible student discount:

  • The audible student plan allows you to easily cancel the subscription whenever you want.
  • It allows you to exchange audiobooks at no cost.
  • The plan offers you three titles monthly. They are two Audible Originals and one Audiobook.
  • With the Audible student plan, you will get 10 dollars Amazon promotional credit delivered to your email.
  • You can purchase its original subscription plan at a 30 percent discount.

Audible Prices and its Student Plan Eligibility Criteria

Audible has two major plans, which are Plus (which costs about 7.95 dollars monthly) and Premium Plus (which costs about 14.95 dollars monthly). However, the student discount allows you to subscribe to the Premium Plus plan for a 9.95 dollars monthly discount. With this, you can easily save up to 5 dollars monthly.

Premium Plus

Let’s examine the eligibility criterion to enjoy the Audible services mentioned above:

  • The first thing to understand is that you can’t switch to the student plan once you are an existing subscriber as it is only applicable to new Audible accounts.
  • To qualify for the plan, you have to be a verified United States student who studies in the university or degree-granting college.
  • The plan is only available for students who are 16 years above. Therefore, you have to be 16 years above to qualify for the plan.
  • Audible requires the Unidays membership in order to sign up for the student plan.
  • Lastly, you must be able to provide the necessary documents that Audible requires to verify that you are truly a student.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Audible Student Discount

Before you begin the Audible student plan, ensure you are using the 30 days free trial. This automatically gives you free 30 days access plus a 30 percent discount and 10 dollars of Amazon credit, including three titles monthly.

Both UNiDAYS and Audible have struck a partnership to provide students with a discount. Therefore, to get the Audible discount, you need the UNiDAYS account. You must ensure that you are eligible for the UNiDAYS account before you continue with the process. Check the UNiDAYS eligibility criteria to be sure you’re eligible.

Once you have done that, you can then follow these procedures to get the audible student discount:

Official Audible Student Page

Open your computer browser and go to the official Audible Student page. Once there, you will see an option: “Verify your student status,” click on it.

UniDAYS Account Sign-in

Once you are done with the first step, you will see the UNiDAYS login page come up on your screen. Sign-in to your UNiDAYS account and confirm student discount eligibility. If you do not have one, you can register for a new UNiDAYS account. You must note that if you’re to sign-up for a new UNiDAYS account, you will have to upload some required documents that confirm that you are truly a verified student of any United States institution.

After you have logged in to your UNiDAYS account, you can then claim your Audible savings.

Redeem your Student Memebership Discount

Once you have redeemed your Audible savings in the third step, go to Audible website to redeem your student membership discount. You will be required to input your payment methods and billing address.

  • Fifth Step: Checkout

Lastly, finish the checkout, and you can now begin to listen to audiobooks using the Audible application.

Things you Should Never Forget when on the Audible Student Plan

Now that you have successfully obtained the Audible student plan, it’s important to note a few things which you should never forget:

  • The audible student discount isn’t available to existing members. Only new members can enjoy the student discount.
  • You can only redeem the discount once.
  • Instead of canceling, you can pause the Audible membership, say one to two months, if you decide to stop using it for a while.
  • The audible membership can be canceled at any time if you don’t want it anymore.
  • You can only use the student plan for a period of four years or until the time of your graduation. Once you have graduated, the student plan reverts to the normal monthly Gold plan.
  • When you fail to verify your student status, your student plan will be lost, and it will automatically revert to the standard Gold plan.
  • Audible requires you to always reconfirm your student status yearly in order to keep enjoying the service.


Audible is ever ready to serve your student needs. It has various book titles you can listen to, whether it’s your favorite Novel or any other random book. The platform doesn’t only provide audiobooks for fiction books but can also be used by most students to listen to news that is significant to their studies.

It provides a price list of audiobooks that you can buy if you want. It doesn’t impose this on you or place you on an unwanted contract of any form.

With the Audible student plan, you will enjoy 30% off the normal cost of 14.95 US Dollars. This means that instead of paying 14.95 US Dollars, you get to pay just 9.95 dollars monthly. This comes with 3 titles, which are two Audible Originals and one audiobook. By simply registering on Audible, you will be given 10 dollars to purchase any Amazon product.

The best thing about Audible is that it relieves students from the stress of carrying heavy books around by simply making them available on their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

All you have to do is to download the application and begin to listen to your favorite book. Audible doesn’t require you to connect to Wi-Fi to listen to the downloaded audiobook. This practically means that you can listen to your favorite books offline at any time and anywhere you are.

Audible provides you with a free 30-day trial period. This enables you to enjoy Audible before purchasing it. Also, it makes it extremely easy and simple to pause or cancel your membership plan whenever you don’t want it.

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