9 Awesome Apps to help you run small business without delegating

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If you want to be successful in the new business world, you need to play by the new rules. Efficiency and effectiveness are still the success pillars of every business and economy, however, the processes to achieve that greatness are changed.

Business owners and managers need to plan better on how to use all of the possibilities and software available on the market today.  Even though there are numerous chances for improving effectiveness and efficiency, still many people struggle to implement and sustain the right solution.

In the 21st Century, you need to make better and smarter efforts than just installing your small business into the online world. To make a website for my business is not enough to be successful anymore. We all need to optimize, improve internal processes and become more aware of what is happening inside of our small businesses.

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Usually, the answer is right in front of you, or in this scenario right in your right or left hand. According to Statista, mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020.

Smartphones are not just tools for entertainment. If used right, these devices can become your project manager, marketing guru, and finance manager. Limitless possibilities exist on the market. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps and software that can change and enhance your small business forever.

Top 3 Project Management Apps for Team work

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Management is the biggest issue in teamwork. How to plan and organize tasks is usually the problem that was handled in the past by having a project manager, however, nowadays everything is handled by a software therefor many issues occur. No worries, you just need to have the right tools.

1. Trello

Trello is the most used and praised tool in the business world, especially with small business owners. There is a reason behind the increased usage of this platform. It’s simple, easy to use and absolutely free.

You can create boards for any project you have, share it with a team and add cards with just one click. All the team members will get updates for any new task that was added to the board. It’s very easy to manage and you can track progress in a fast and convenient way.

2. Asana

Another project management tool with similar functionalities like Trello is Asana. It gives you pretty much the same functionality yet with a different design and some more alternative solutions.

For instance, Asana offers a more structured and organized interface with easy to manage team functionalities. People that like that visually organized look will prefer this platform. Again, this project management platform is completely free hence its popularity among the startup community.

3. Zoho Projects

If your small business needs a project – employee tracker and invoice generator, then this tool is for you. Zoho has a very simple interface, allows sharing data with teams and will help you to create your own personal hub as well as giving you the possibilities to track cross-sector activities from one place. There is a completely free solution offered by Zoho, however, for the good stuff, you would have to pay a subscription fee.

Best Productivity Apps for Task Management

Productivity App

Productivity apps are extremely important, especially for small business owners. Tracking your own growth and prosperity is the best thing you can do for yourself. These two apps can definitely help you get better at professional and business goals.

4. Evernote

You might believe that Evernote is just a note-taking app but is so much more than that. In reality, it helps small business owners, managers and really anyone to better track, record and improve their productivity, focus, and creativity.

You can create: to do lists, scan documents and invoices, track your creative thoughts, create reminders, share notes with team members.

This app can be your virtual pocket assistant and can help you with all your daily work-related needs. Of course, it’s absolutely free.

5. Wunderlist

There are many to-do list apps available on the market, however, Wunderlist has the best functionalities. If you just want to track your daily activities and create to-do lists for a short-term goal then this app is for you. You can track, check and add goals, tasks from any device and any place.

Finance Apps for solving financial affairs

Many companies decide to take internal software solutions for their financial affairs. However, finance software solutions are extremely expensive and not convenient for small to medium businesses. Alternative online solutions are cheap and efficient. Online cloud solutions are a safe and efficient way to store your data and produce invoices.

6. QuickBooks

Everyone is familiar with QuickBooks. In the accounting world, this tool is the simplest and most powerful online software for bookkeeping. You can do all financial and tax operations in this software.

There are different packages available that will fit anyone’s needs and budget. Ultimately investing in QuickBooks is the best thing you can do for your company as it will allow you to access all the data from any device, any place and time.

7. Inventory Tracker

Instead of investing tons of money into inventory software, you can try Inventory Tracker. Although it looks like a small and simple app, it offers complex solutions for all your inventory issues.

With Inventory Tracker, you can track your inventory, sales, payment, shipment, and timely balance sheets. You can also transfer all the data in excel sheets and create your own inventory report. It supports different currencies, values, and barcode scanners. A complete solution for your small business.

Other Helpful APPs for small business

8. MailChimp

For all the operations with emailing, MailChimp will come in handy. You can create your mailing list, make a new and attractive mail based on any of numerous templates, and start sending newsletters to all your clients or certain groups of people in your list. You can also view performance reports about your emails.

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9. Dropbox

This platform can be your savior if you need reliable storage for your online information as well as a safe way to share certain files in the cloud.

When in doubt about the performance of your small business, look for a solution on the internet. Apps run the world and will be the future of any business operation and task. Cloud solutions and remote platforms are the new pillars of success for any business in the 21st Century.

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