10 Best Travelling Apps for Trip plan, Air Flights, Transportation, Accommodation

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What apps should I put on your phone for travelling? Here is mobile apps for Flights, Transportation, Accommodation, and planning the trip install on my phone.

When the summer hits all we can think about is packing up our bags and make a trip to somewhere new and exciting. There are many options out there when it comes to travel planning, and we know it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

In 2022, there are lots of apps that make your traveling easy! You can easily use the app for planning the trip, booking the accommodation and air flight, and picking the place to eat.

Top Travel Apps to Help You Stay Organized While Traveling

To make sure you have the best experience during this season, we made a list of the ten best apps. We avoid some most popular app for like Uber, Airbnb for Uncertain user experience, here is the best traveling app on my Phone.

Apps For Transportation

1. Rental 24H


This is seriously the best car rental application. You are going to find the perfect car in 170 countries due to their partnership with over 800 companies to make sure it is easy for you to select the type of car that adapts to your needs.

Between its features, you can find price comparison and breakdown assistance which will allow you to feel safe during your trip. If you are in Jersey City the easiest way will be using Newport Mall car rental! Whenever in the world you will be you should check this app out!

2. Moovit


If you are up to using public transportation then, Moovit is for you. It works in over 2000 cities and it is the best way to get the routes you need.

It provides all the necessary information about busses, trains, subways… starting from which is the best one to get you where you want, what are the schedules, availability, etc. The more you use it, the better so give it a try!

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Apps For Purchasing Flights

3. Skyscanner


This is a pretty popular one. Who hasn't heard about Skyscanner? But it is seriously a great option when it comes to flight booking.

It allows you to research on different websites (over 1200) at the same time and compare prices to come out with the best deal for your flight. You can also review the whole year or month to check what moments are the cheapest for your destination.

4. Hopper


Similar to other bookings websites Hopper enables you to filter different criteria for you to find your ideal flight. What makes this application stand out is that it works like a friend that gives you a real recommendation whether you should buy the ticket straight away or wait until the rates improve.

It also allows you to select “watch” mode so the app can notify you when the flight you are looking for is at its best moment to be purchased.


Apps For The Airport

5. LoungeBuddy

We know how painful it can be waiting at the airport on long layovers, sleeping on uncomfortable chairs or even on the floor when we haven't the privilege to be able to access one of those airport lounges easily. Loungebuddy gives you an alternative for that!

With this app, you can research what are the lounges options the are for you based on some information about your trip. You can also reserve a space on a lounge starting at 25$ and have a pleasant time during all your adventure (yes, even on layovers!)

6. AirHelp


Even though we plan everything sometimes things don't work out the way we wanted. That's when AirHelp comes useful for any traveler. It supports you in getting compensation up to 600 EUR for the cancelation or delay of your flight.

Basically, you just have to write some information about your ticket and the app will tell you if you are applicable for compensation, Then the company manages everything and send you the money! Super easy and you can do it while you are still waiting to get a new flight.

Apps For Accommodation


7. Hostelworld


As their website says Hostelworld is “the world's leading hostel-focused online booking platform”.

It is pretty similar to other booking websites but in this case, the creators are very committed to bringing the best experience to the users, promising an affordable option for accommodation.

It has a live interactive map that makes it easier for you to define if the hostel is the right for you and your itinerary.

8. Couchsurfing


It is an incredible way to get to know a place by spending time with locals. The app helps you to connect with people all over the world who open their houses to receive travelers.

Also, it is really good if you are on a tight budget. Even though it is free, try to always share something of your country with the owner so the experience is enriching for both of you.

Apps For Planning The Trip

9. TripIt


If you are an organization freak then Trip It is for you. It takes all your travel information from your flight itinerary to your hotel booking, car rental, etc and organizes it for you all in the same place.

You just have to email them all your reservation and they hand it all so you can have an overall perspective of your journey right before starting it! Also, it is constantly reminding you of what is going to happen or what you need to do next so you don't miss a thing.

10. TripAdvisor


This is another very popular one but certainly, it is the most trustable app when it comes to finding out what are the interesting things to do in a city. There is no doubt that TripAdvisor has it all. From accommodation to where to eat.

With reviews of over 800 hundred destinations, it can be the best tool for you to decide what are the plans you are going to be adding to your trip. You can also make it more fun by also reviewing the spots you find and adding your own.

Apps For Finding Traveling Partners

Bonus. Fairytrail


We know how amazing traveling with someone you like can be. If you're looking for a travel companion for your next adventure or a long-term partner to explore the world with you, Fairytrail is the perfect app for remote workers and travelers.

Considered both a dating and travel inspiration app, Fairytrail helps you discover new people and places before you travel. Once you match with someone you like on a travel destination, you're connected to talk. The best part of this app is you'll find people as wanderlust as you are.


Even though you are packing your bags right now or planning a trip for the future all these apps are going to help you to make sure you are making the most out of your next adventure.

From finding the proper transportation to create an amazing itinerary you will love. All you need is on your hand. Just don't forget to have fun and make sure you get access to an internet connection so you can assure that you are ready to go!

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