ACCELQ: API Test Automation Made Easy in 2021

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API refers to Application Programming Interface. It is a mechanism that allows communicating between two applications or hardware using a set of rules. To test APIs has become a crucial task for most companies.

API testing is required to identify if an API returns the right response as expected. It mainly includes testing REST APIs or SOAP APIs. API automation enables early and easy test maintenance, early bug detection, and wide scope of test coverage.

In the case of API testing, there might be some scenarios that need to be run before each release, and those scenarios can be automated. Below are few benefits that you could derive from the API test automation:

Advantages of API Test Automation


API test automation provides several distinct advantages to a development team.

  1. Simplification of integration and regression testing: To begin with, it greatly simplifies integration and regression testing in an Agile environment, allowing API calls and integrations with third-party systems to be tested any time a major change to the product is made. Manual validation will take an unreasonable amount of time in the case of complicated solutions, while automation makes it much easier to deal with.
  2. Trouble-shooting issues faster: API test automation identifies integration problems across the entire chain of services or systems, rather than just one isolated feature, saving time and effort in troubleshooting. You get a complete picture right away and can take prompt corrective steps.
  3. It is also Cost Effective as it reduces the testing cost: API test automation uses less code than GUI test automation, resulting in quicker test results and greater test coverage. Overall testing costs are lowered as a result of quicker testing. Test the application’s API level features before running GUI tests to get an early estimate of its overall buildability. When errors are found early, the cost of manual testing is minimized. API test automation broadens and deepens the scope of the experiments.
  4. Regular checks: Automated API tests benefit product companies the most, particularly if their products depend on external services to obtain or store data. Regular API checks ensure that, even though an external provider has subtly changed the format of responses or the names of the features you used, this change will most likely be identified before the first customer complaints arrive.
  5. API Testings are usually a great time saver: When compared to user interface tests, API tests take a lot less time. The rendering and loading of web pages with the GUI and interactive web-based modules take a long time in UI tests, while API tests can be completed quickly. Consider the following scenario: a user must register or log in via the user interface, which can take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, while API testing takes less than 30 seconds.

Why use ACCELQ?


ACCELQ provides Zero code API Test Automation on Cloud: ACCELQ helps in doing API Test Automation without even writing a single line of code. In a codeless environment, ACCELQ brings the discipline, versatility, and strength of a traditional code-based setup. ACCELQ helps testers to build test logic without having to think about programming syntax.

Complex test logic can be created without sacrificing the natural language simplicity. Codeless is a feature in ACCELQ that allows for advanced interactions and logic creation. The same, quick and natural interface is used for dynamic web pages, database validations, API verifications, and middleware automation.

Also, you don’t need to download anything to test the platform because it’s cloud-based and fully browser-based.

API and UI Test Automation in the same simplified flow:  ACCELQ provides In-sprint automation using a unified user interface and API and End-to-end validation with Chain API Tests.  With the help of natural language automation, ACCELQ can manage UI validations in the same flow as the API.

API Test Case Management, Test Planning, Execution, and tracking governance: All aspects of the Quality Lifecycle are automated, from Test Design to Test Planning and Execution.

CI Driven regression suite executions: ACCELQ generates automated test cases for all permutations and combinations required to test your API optimally.

Provides regression oriented API automation having a modular and reusable driven API test suite ACCELQ can handle the UI validations in the same flow as API with natural language automation

Directly correlate Business process and corresponding API for complete coverage: In ACCELQ, a business process is at the core of an automation asset. Starting with a Business Process, you build your test scenario. When you build thorough logic for the test case, the business process remains the driver, not an artifact.

Testing is monitored and prioritized using rich visual representations. The Universe definition is crucial to this since it gathers device interactions and API calls to serve various testing and analysis needs.

Fits in with your ecosystem:  Integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem of tools such as Jira, TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, and others.

Few more reasons to use ACCELQ:

More reasons

  • It comes with pre-configured libraries for testing some of the industry’s most popular API policies.
  • The assertions in ACCELQ can easily accommodate a variety of validation scenarios.
  • Test automation for SOAP and RESTful services is supported.
  • With business data model connections, parameterizing predicted values and validations is taken to the next level.
  • Early automation enables in-sprint automation with a virtualized abstraction for functional testing that is a first in the industry.

The Final words

ACCELQ aims to take away the technological complexities of test automation so that it can be used by the entire testing community without sacrificing scalability or robustness.

It assists businesses in implementing test automation that yields a quick return on investment (ROI) and enables continuous delivery. With a streamlined end-to-end approach to API testing, ACCELQ has demonstrated its leadership in simplifying test automation.

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