How to Play as Octane – Apex Legends Guide and Tips

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In Apex Legends, Season 13 has started, “speed daredevil” aka substance lover Octane – still has as much power as before and he is still a relevant hero. In this guide you'll learn about his abilities and playstyle, and get tips.

Role in the squad.

Octane performs two main tasks:

Scouting most of the time and, upon discovering the enemy, returning to support his squad and allowing everyone to get close to the enemy.

Once the squads are close enough, he switches to hit-and-run tactics in combat, alternately attacking and retreating, attacking from unexpected places, distracting their attention, and simply terrorizing the enemy.

Like most other characters, Octane cannot “tank.” While you can “tank” at the beginning of a match during the general turmoil, you shouldn't go one against three any further based on speed – the enemy squad will strip Octane very quickly, and your partners will still be running towards the target.

Role in the squad

Octane has very interesting abilities that need to be used properly:

  • The passive Ambulance perk slowly regenerates health if Octane is safe and not under fire. You don't need to use the first aid kit if your health bar is above 75% – it will regenerate itself soon enough. You can also stay in the hot zone longer.
  • The Stimulator active ability increases the character's speed by 30% for 6 seconds, but spends about 10 health units. Makes Octane less dependent on slowing effects (bombardment, artillery fire). Great for scouting and escaping from any battle, and even better for hit-and-run tactics.
  • The special skill “Trampoline” places a portable platform that tosses into the air all those who run across it, both friends and enemies. It doesn't crumble over time – you can use other people's playgrounds, but make sure there are no traps or traps there.

Tips for playing as Octane

Octane with Stimulator easily competes in speed with Rafe in Jump, and in some cases he's even faster than Pathfinder on the cable. He is also much faster than others at running with any weapon and reloading.

Octane's abilities make him a useful but extremely unfortunate character for team play. He should only be taken when there are other speed characters in the squad – Rafe, Mirage or Pathfinder.

Bloodhound, Bangalore, Lifeline can't keep up with him. The worst choices for team play are Gibraltar, Caustic, and Octane (pick any of the first two if you want to break the game). The breakdown in teamwork comes from the speed difference – Octane will run farther, pounce on enemies faster, and die first while his partners telepathize or circle around behind him.

There is no way to balance Octane with these five characters. If he spins around them, he won't be able to fulfill his functions and will simply become useless. So only take him in squads where there are comparable characters in terms of speed.

Obviously, with all the inputs, Octane is not suitable for playing from defense, sitting in ambush and waiting for the final round. He and his team must act as a unit in a highly aggressive manner, moving quickly, attacking quickly, not delaying to take a takedown, retreating quickly, and even ducking when the fight is obviously not in the team's favor.

Tips for playing as Octane

From time to time every squad in Apex Legends is short on first aid kits. When you find yourself in this situation as Octane – give yours away, your health will be restored anyway.

Be extremely careful with the trampoline. Learn how to jump on it and properly set the direction of the jump. Take into account the speed of movement (in sliding it is more), height (you can jump on the trampoline and fly away), position (going sideways and turning you can fly away on an unexpected trajectory).

You can use the trampoline as a trap – sending enemies out of the map area or putting it in front of the door to make them fly away and give you a few seconds to fix your health and shields.

The trampoline performs best when you need to jump on a roof, cliff or ledge – appear unexpectedly in front of enemies to confuse their ranks. Just don't jump directly at the enemies – they'll have no trouble shooting Octane in flight.

Don't use the trampoline during a simple retreat backwards – enemies will jump on it, just like you, and continue pursuit. Place it wisely, so that enemies will be deceived by the simplicity of this operation and fly the wrong way at all.


The core of Octane's gameplay is the Stimulator. You can use it very often (every 2 seconds), but each use reduces 10 health units. You're allowed to use up all your health on Stimulus and the character won't die – he'll still have 1 HP plus armor.

After landing, use the “Stimulator” to collect suitable loot before the other players. Immediately after that, go back to the nearest partner to protect him while he collects the loot. While the syringe is active, Octane quickly reloads his weapon, swaps, rolls, and heals. Running speed with a weapon in hand drops slightly, even if it is a handgun.

When you run into enemies, remember not to run at them headlong. Shoot back until your allies come up, then immediately change positions and come at the enemies from the side. If you find yourself in a narrow passage, use the trampoline to jump over the enemies or have them fly away from the door behind which you are hiding.

Remember that special skills won't help you in battle as good as it does Apex Legends boosting services, so just count on your skill to shoot accurately while running fast.

Don't hesitate to have low health – Octane balances on the edge the entire match. If he gets caught off guard, low health will cause the character to die quickly. On the other hand, his speed and ability to outflank him will give him a chance to drag the whole game out.

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