All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $5000 Near Me

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Wedding venues can be pricey, but thankfully for you, there are still a number of all inclusive wedding packages under $5000 for your consideration.

Offering indoor and outdoor spaces, charming churches, and natural elements with modern twists, you can count on there being more than just rustic wedding venues around you. Make sure to check out our blog post and get all inclusive wedding packages under $5000 near me to plan your dream wedding without all the stress.

All inclusive wedding packages in Florida under $5000

Your wedding day is among the most meaningful and life-changing experiences, and picking an ideal location is very important. And getting the perfect wedding venue and services that fit your budget is necessary. Along with choosing the perfect wedding package don't forget the mens wedding rings and the engagement ring to complete the experience.

We've compiled some all inclusive wedding packages in Florida under $5000 so that you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Everglades Package in Florida

Everglades Package in Florida

You are in Florida and looking for all inclusive wedding packages under $5000 near me? This package is for 25 people minimum and you will get married on one of the private beaches in Florida with the sand as your aisle. From the ceremony and reception to the music and bar package, everything will be prepared carefully with the Everglades Package.

According to the package, the wedding ceremony will be decorated with starfish, flowers, or lanterns, and all padded chairs are coated with white layers. The fresh rose petals are scattered on the aisle to improve the romantic atmosphere of the wedding, and the bride will receive a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers. Cocktail tables with linens and candles are included in this package.

What about the dining reception? The menu often includes appetizers, Passed Mini Beef Empanadas, Passed Coconut Shrimp with Mango Chutney, Passed Jerk Chicken Skewers, and so on. Dessert, wine, and juices are also served when you choose this package in Florida. Opt for Everglades Package to get an affordable beachfront wedding experience right now!

Price Range: $4,199/25 guests

Card Sound Package

Card Sound Package

The Card Sound Package is the best option if you are in search of the best all inclusive wedding packages under $5 000 in Florida. With only $2,699, you can celebrate the wedding of your dream with 25 guests, and the package for 50 guests is $4,499. Its price is affordable and you are stress-free to prepare for your special day. The linen draping for Arbor is in white and white padded chairs for the ceremony.

Along the aisle, it will be decorated with starfish or lanterns. There is a water station on the Farmhouse table for guest arrival and the bridal bouquet is seasonal flowers. You can choose the color of table linens and dinner napkins according to your preference.

No need to waste your time in setting the menu for the wedding as the package contains the catering. Your guests will have a chance to enjoy appetizers, mini beef empanadas, tuna wontons, pasta with Alfredo Sauce and Traditional Marinara Sauce, and so on.
Price Range: $2,699/25 guests

All inclusive wedding packages in southern California under $5000

You want to prepare your wedding perfectly, from the wedding dress, jewelry, ceremony, and more. You can buy necessary things for your wedding from many popular department stores and make use of the special offers, such as the JCPenney free shipping code to earn extra cashback.

For example, we’ve researched and found many sale items you can get for your wedding like JCPenney jewelry sale wedding rings, Macy's wedding rings clearance, and much more. However, spending a lot of time shopping leaves you with less time to plan your wedding. Don’t worry! We have all inclusive wedding packages in southern California under $5000 for your reference.

UCLA Faculty Club

UCLA Faculty Club

Are you familiar with the UCLA Faculty Club? Tucked away on the eastern edge of the campus of the University of California, this is an ideal venue for weddings and special occasions. It's great to begin your celebration in a space with towering pines and eucalyptus trees.

All inclusive wedding packages in southern California under $5000 will contain the ceremony, reception, and cocktail, and opting for indoors or outdoors is depending on you. In fact, the 15,000 square feet of the UCLA Faculty Club is enough for you to celebrate the special day.

The package includes:

  • Cocktail & dinner receptions
  • Banquet–duet plate with butler-style service
  • Complimentary bottle of house champagne & canapés service for the wedding couple
  • Dance floor, table, and chair rentals
  • Reception planning & day coordination
  • Bar services, bartending, and event staff
  • Dessert & coffee stations
  • And many more!

Address: 480 Charles E. Young Drive East, Los Angeles, CA

Price Range: $4,725/25 guests

Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific

If your guest list is short and you want an indoor wedding party, the Aquarium Of The Pacific package is suitable for you. Stop wondering how to plan a wedding on a budget of $5000 as Aquarium of the Pacific will plan, set up, and decorate for you.

The ceremony is in the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and it's amazing when your guests can see many sea plants and creatures when joining your wedding. While smaller parties, rehearsal dinners, or wedding receptions can take place upstairs at the Veranda Roof Top where you can spot gorgeous sunsets.

Not to mention, the state-of-the-art sound and video systems can show your footage, pictures, and videos. When you choose this package, you and your guests will have a cocktail hour and be immersed in the enchantment of the sea by the huge coral reefs and sea creatures in the aquarium.

Address: 100 Aquarium Way Long Beach, CA

Cost: $93/person and up

Other all inclusive destination wedding packages under $5 000

Once you've said “Yes, I do”, it's time to prepare for your wedding. Many young people now prefer to hold their wedding in a private space and the cost is not too expensive. And all inclusive destination wedding packages under $5 000 are the best choices for them.

Besides the all inclusive wedding packages in Florida and southern California under $5000 we list above, there are many appealing yet cheap packages you can refer to.

wedding packages

All inclusive wedding packages in Georgia under 5000

Why don’t you opt for Georgia to organize a wedding party? Whether you and your significant partner are looking for an exquisite and traditional ceremony place, a modern and fashionable space, or an outdoor venue with a romantic ambiance, Georgia has it all.

You can find many all inclusive wedding packages under $5000 in Georgia at affordable prices such as Intimate Wedding and Vow Renewal Packages at Lanier Islands Weddings or Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. The price may start from $900 and will vary depending on the number of your guests.

The romantic and all inclusive beach wedding packages under $5000

We are sure that many people dream of a wonderful wedding on the beach. Plan your beach wedding in Sarasota, Venice, and other places with packages under $5000. It's wonderful when your friends and relatives can witness your important moment in the open and full of life on the beach.

Currently, many all inclusive beach wedding packages under $5000 let you choose the elements and colors for your ceremony as you wish.  Usually, beach wedding packages will include decoration, staff, and catering, so you just need to pick a location that fits your budget and be ready to welcome your big day.

Are you ready for your wedding? Hopefully, our list of all inclusive wedding packages under $5000 will help you have more ideas to celebrate your special day. And do not forget to check our coupon site for more special offers and hot deals from many big stores like JCPenney.

Feel free to make use of the JCPenney wedding ring sale buy one get one free, free shipping, and more when you shop at JCPenney to prepare for the wedding.

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