Advantages and Disadvantages of Node JS Every Developer Should Know

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Since its release, Node JS development has successfully entered the market, as most developers consider it ideal for building fast, real-time, multi-user web applications.

This open-source, cross-platform runtime written in JavaScript also helps develop networking tools and web servers. In this article, we will look at the main reasons why you should choose Node JS development.

Ideal for real-time applications

Ideal for real-time applications

For building continuous applications, Node JS is the best alternative. Top companies around the world such as eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc. showcase developments with Node JS.

It has amazing execution speed. In addition, it speeds up the formation of working code (compiled by specialists when creating a program). Designers only need to focus on writing legal code, and the speed of the system will be used at this point.

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Main advantages

Building effective web solutions using this platform becomes noticeably easier as it includes NPM (Node Package Manager) with a repository of nearly 50,000 packages. Developers can easily share, update or reuse code with this built-in NPM.

Unique and powerful codebase

Another reason why Node JS is a breakthrough technology in the field of web development is that developers can effortlessly work both on the server side and on the client side with JavaScript code. This feature not only helps to save developers valuable time but also helps to automatically synchronize various data between the client and server side.

Services as a proxy server

If a server-side web application interacts in a dedicated way with various third-party resources for data collection and image storage, this platform can act as a proxy server when a company does not have a professional proxy infrastructure.

Smooth data flow

If you want to access a specific file while it's downloading, Node JS will let you do that. This feature is extremely useful for developers when working with real-time audio or video encoding. This guarantees a reduction in the overall processing time. Nothing compares to the efficiency of this platform in the case of streaming data from various sources.

Disadvantages of working with Node.js

As well as its advantages, Node.js has its disadvantages. Let's consider them in more detail.


The platform allows us to easily scale our projects. But for heavy computing, it cannot use the available cores. Therefore, compared to Java or Python, Node JS can be a bit slower.

Image processing

Another disadvantage is the difficulty in working with images. Of course, the platform works with pictures, but it does it very poorly. Therefore, it is better not to use it for working with images.



Although the platform is updated regularly and releases great updates, there may be some bugs. This is because new products may not be fully tested, which causes difficulties during operation.

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