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Do you want to save some bucks while you enjoy Adobe Cloud Creative services for UX, web, video, design, photography, and lots more? These methods guide you on how to get the Adobe Cloud Creative student discount.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount?

Over time, Adobe Creative Cloud has been helpful to students who often count on the application to carry out their artwork as well as design. Recently, Adobe has made it possible for students to enjoy a whopping 65 percent discount on the complete application suite such as InDesign, Photoshop, and lots more.

Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount overview

Unfortunately, the free Creative Cloud licenses offered by Adobe have stopped. This was initially offered to students who had to attend online classes and learn from their homes during the initial stage of the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the world in early 2020. However, students can still save a large sum of money (either per month or per year) with Adobe’s discount.

With this student discount, you can save up to 33 US dollars, 33 pounds, or 55 Australian dollars every month when you opt for the monthly payments. This is unlike the price for a standard subscription for ‘All Apps.’ Alternatively, you can also go for the pre-paid yearly subscription and be able to save up to over 200 US dollars as the student discount slashes 607 Australian dollars, 400 pounds, or 360 US dollars off the normal price of 871.07 Australian dollar, 596.33 pounds, and 599.98 US dollar.

Ways to Get the Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount

First, you should know that it’s possible to download Adobe Creative Cloud either separately or as a whole and purchase any of its programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or illustrator student, for free. The student plan was introduced about 8 years ago and currently has more than 15,000,000 users.

Below is how to enjoy the Adobe Creative Cloud student discount:

  • Step 1:

Go to the Official Website of Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Official Website

  • Step 2:

After accessing the website, the next step is to Register or Sign in

Adobe Creative Cloud registration

  • Step 3:

After registration or sign in, the next step is to click on the download option for the particular product you want. Note that you may have to wait for about ninety minutes if you desire to download all the products available.

Adobe Creative Cloud download option

  • Step 4:

After downloading, a guide on how to install the product will come up. Follow the guide and install it.

Adobe Creative Cloud installation guide

Eligibility for the Adobe Cloud Creative Student Discount

To be eligible for the Adobe Creative student discount and enjoy the 65 percent discount, you have to be a current accredited college student or university student. Adobe also specified in its Terms and Conditions that you must be thirteen years and above and must be a student of any of the following institutions:

  • Home school
  • Secondary or Primary school
  • College or University

The home school must meet the rules and regulations of the state homeschooling.

Adobe Creative Student Discount Eligibility

The secondary or primary school must be accredited and may be either a private or public school that offers full-time instructions.

The college or university must also be accredited. It can be either private or public college/university, including vocational, junior, or community college, that offers degrees that are not less than 2 years of full-time study.

The good news is that these prerequisites are not that difficult to adhere to or prove. According to Adobe, once you are able to offer an email address (such as relevant in the UK, or .k12 or .edu relevant in the United States, or any other email domain educational institutions sponsor) issued by a school during your purchase process, you will be verified instantly.

Alternatively, suppose you do not have any of the above email addresses. In that case, you can prove your eligibility after you have registered by using a separate document such as a tuition bill, report card, or valid school Identity Card.

It is also important to know that the 65 percent discount offered by Adobe Creative Cloud is valid only for the first year. Once the year completes, your subscription will automatically be renewed at 25.28 pounds or 29.99 US dollars monthly. This is still the same as the 44 percent to 50 percent discount from the normal price.

Adobe also allows you to have a free trial for 7 days if you wish to test the complete software suite before you subscribe.

Benefits of the Adobe Cloud Creative Student Discount

Adobe Cloud Creative offers lots of benefits to students. It has more than twenty mobile and desktop applications that offer professional software for UX and video creation, photography, design, and lots more.

Benefits of the Adobe Cloud Creative Student Discount

Adobe Creative Cloud has tools to carry out any visual design, whether in web or print. It has professional and creative tools that can help you carry it out without stress.

Also, you can use the Adobe cloud subscription. However, the cloud subscription applies that you don’t have ownership of the software. Once you deactivate the cloud subscription payments, you won’t be able to access the applications. However, there are still many benefits to gain from the system as Adobe keeps updating the applications and provides you with up to a hundred GigaByte worth of cloud storage for software such as Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark.

Another thing about the Creative Cloud applications is that they are uniquely integrated in the sense that you can easily switch between them in the ‘All Apps’ subscriptions.

With Adobe Creative Cloud student discount, you can enjoy up to 65 percent student discount, which means with as low as 21.99 Australian dollar, 16.24 pounds, and 19.99 US dollar, you will have access to many applications monthly. The complete list of applications you will get for these prices is Bridge, Fuse, Prelude, Character Animator, Media Encoder, InCopy, Audition, Dimension, After Effects, Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Animate,  Acrobat Pro, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Adobe XD, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.[/su_list]


This article has successfully examined how to get the Adobe Creative Cloud student discount and its eligibility and benefits you stand to gain from the discount. Adobe Creative Cloud has been helpful to students who love to design and carry out other artwork using Adobe. As an eligible student, you stand a chance to enjoy the 65 percent discount off the normal price of Adobe software products. It is quite simple to get the discount. All you need to do is ensure you are eligible, 13 years above, and register under an accredited college, university, primary and secondary school, or home school. Once you meet up to any of the above, you can eventually claim the 65 percent off discount.

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