Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike Review

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Checking a review of a folding electric trike or anything enables people to understand the features and benefits of the product. A review provides detailed information about the specifications and their performance. This article will provide a detailed review of the best electric trike under $2000, Addmotor CITYTRI E-310.

Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 costs less than $2000. Currently, it is the best in the market at this price. Also, the electric trike offers several features that enhance your riding experience. So, sit tight because we are going to explore more about CITYTRI E-310.

#1. Costs Less than $2000

An electric trike costs less than $2000 with all the advanced features that are hard to find in the market. Addmotor makes it possible to offer an affordable electric trike and ensure delivering an unmatched experience to the rider. So, this is the best-in-class folding electric trike under the budget of $2000.

The CITYTRI E-310 is perfect for on-road activities because its super-low step-through frame and thin tires make the riding convenient for all ages of the riders. It offers a thrilling riding experience by providing higher comfort and better safety to the rider. So, the trike has everything that delivers an unmatched riding experience to the rider.

#2. 750W Rear Mounted Motor

A powerful 750W motor is the heart of the electric trike. It helps the rider to use the pedal assist system while pedaling the trike and get assistance via motor. The motor mounted in the rear wheel provides higher stability to the rider and pushes the trike effectively.

The 750W electric trike offers a pedal assist system with 7 levels of customization that enable the rider to use the customization to pedal the trike effortlessly by getting motor assistance. It helps the rider to feel more energetic and encouraged after completing the electric trike.

#3. Speed Differential Makes Riding Stable

Speed Differential Makes Riding Stable

In the differential, the axle is not connected to the wheel rotors, and the rear wheels are independent of each other. The wheels in the speed differential rotate at different speeds and in different directions. Also, the differential is effective during the turn and ensures better safety by preventing the rider from skidding.

A feature that offers better grip and ensures better safety on rough surfaces indicates the trike is a safer option to choose as a travel companion. It also provides better control to the rider and delivers an enhanced riding experience to the rider.

#4. UL-certified 48V*20Ah Samsung Battery Cells

UL certification means fulfilling all the safety parameters. The UL certification prevents the batteries from overheating and sparking. Also, it provides a range of 90+ miles on a single charge. Also, the battery is made of lithium, which is rated for 1000-1500 charging cycles. It indicates a high life span of the batteries.

The rider can use the battery power to use the throttle and enjoy riding the trike without using the pedals. It helps riders to run the trike in different challenging conditions and face all the obstacles.

#5. Easy-to-fold Frame

Easy-to-fold Frame

The frame in the electric trike is easily foldable. It significantly impacts the rider's mind by assuring an easily foldable frame. An easily foldable frame makes the trike a reason that makes the trike highly popular.

The rider chooses the folding electric trike only when the frame is easily foldable because they want higher convenience while exploring different places. So, offering an easily foldable trike significantly impacts the rider's mind, and Addmotor does not disappoint the rider at any cause.

#6. Parking Brake for Better Option

The parking brake in the electric trike provides mental relaxation to the rider by assuring the protection of their electric trike while parking. The parking brakes block the tires from moving and ensure better safety for the rider. Whether inclined surface or uneven terrain, the parking brakes are effective in multiple situations in blocking the tires from moving.

The parking brake is easy to apply. The rider must press the handlebar’s brake and the parking brake button to apply the parking brakes. It makes the trike safe and secure. There is nothing hard to provide extra attention or effort to apply the parking brake.

#7. Sturdy and Step-Through Trike Frame

The foldable electric trike has a 6061+7020 Aluminum Alloy frame. The aluminum alloy frame is highly durable. It makes the trike super strong and has excellent corrosion resistance, which enables the rider to ride confidently on any surface or in any weather conditions.

Moreover, the step-through frame is better than the step-over frame for senior riders or riders facing difficulties in getting on and off the electric trike. The step-through frame is the perfect electric trike for senior citizens because it makes riding easier for beginners or many other riders.

#8. Feel More Relaxed with Adjustable Handlebar and Saddle with Backrest

The flexibility to adjust the handlebar to maintain the upright situation provides better control to the rider. It helps the rider to ride the city electric trike more confidently. Also, the saddle with the backrest allows riders to feel more comfortable while resting their back during the ride.

Comfortability is also an important factor to consider when a rider chooses an electric trike. They do not want to make their riding experience full of tiredness and back pain. The Addmotor brand focuses on minor detailing related to the rider’s experience and provides everything that delivers excellence, just like Addmotor’s CITYTRI E-310 folding electric trike by offering the adjustable backrest and handlebar.


The verdict is in favor of CITYTRI E-310. The combination of affordable cost and advanced features make it a perfect travel companion. The trike offers multiple advanced features that help the riders to make their travel experience memorable with higher comfort and creating good memories.

In comparison to other electric trikes that are priced at over $2000, the CITYTRI E-310 stands out from the rest. Don't hesitate to book your test ride today.

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