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Are you a fan of the Diablo series and you are looking for games which offer a similar experience? Read on to discover the top 10 games we think you should try out

Do you fancy the hack and slash gameplay of the Diablo series? There’s no denying that the game has led to the explosion of the hack and slash games in the market today. Recently, the makers announced that you can now play the game on your browser.

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More About Diablo

When playing the game, you begin by picking a character (Rogue, Warrior, and Sorcerer). You then fight your way in dungeons and get to hell itself where you have to face off with the Lord of Terror.

Blizzard announced that they are working on more Diablo series. They are rumored to be working on Diablo 4 as well as a mobile game which will go by the name Diablo: Immortal. While you are waiting for these to be launched, why don’t you go ahead and play the following 10 games which are more or less like Diablo?

1. Torchlight series

Torchlight seriesThe action role-playing game was developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World. Torchlight is a sleepy enclave which is being swarmed legions of twisted creatures. Once you choose from three characters, your quest is to fight your enemies while collecting gold, equipment and other loot.

Torchlight series gives you a unique experience as you explore seven different environments. These environments have different treasures, monsters, and puzzles. You will have a permanent pet who fights alongside you whose role is to carry and sell your loot. The first pet can be a lynx or a wolf-dog. In the retail version of the game, your pet will be a ferret which you can feed with fish to transform it into different creatures.

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2. Titan Quest

Titan Quest is perfect for gamers who prefer less plot and more action on their RPGs. The hack and slash game from THQ Nordic was released for PC in 2006. The story is based in Ancient Greece which is overrun by myriads of mythological creatures and beset by angry gods.

After creating your character, the battle begins in the town of Helos where you encounter goat-headed Satyrs which are tormenting a young man’s horse. You will soon find out that this is not an isolated case as these creatures are present throughout the village alongside mean crows and hostile wild boars.

As you level by earning XP, you unlock skill points which you can spend on special powers or bank to increase certain attributes.

3. Pagan Online

Pagan OnlinePagan Online is a partnership between Wargaming, the organization behind the free-to-play World of Tanks and Mad Head Games, a company that was previously known to make short, hidden-objectsuch as the Nevertales series.

Pagan Online’s gameplay is based on Slavic mythology where you have to help the gods fight back evil. The evil comes in the form of undead forces which come from a dimension referred to as the Swarm. Each time you hit these creatures, you increase the damage numbers. If it dies, you collect the loot which might drop from its body.

Pagan Online is a little different from Diablo when it comes to character progression. In Diablo, you have to select, build a character by providing him with new gear, and progress along a predetermined skill tree. On the other hand, Pagan Online has preset characters whose capabilities do not change much as you progress.

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4. Path of Exile

Path of ExilePath of Exile uses Diablo’s familiarity to make the gamer comfortable. Once you are settled in, you are introduced to wandering phantasms, diverse mechanics, and vaporous dungeons which will send you scrambling back for the game’s guide.

The gameplay begins with you being exiled from your native land of Oriath to a troubled place known as Wraeclast. The game advances through NPC conversations along with random cinematics. Path of Exile features seven character classes including; Templar, Duelist, Ranger, Witch, Shadow, Marauder, and Scion.

Compared to other Diablo-style games such as Wolves of Midgard and Diablo III, you can play using multiple characters on Path of Exile.

5. MU Online

MU OnlineMU Online which was previously a pay to play game shares its gameplay with Planetscape: Torment and Diablo. The 3D hack-n-slash which was released in 2003 boasts of quite a large playerbase. The game features seven levels. You will have to unlock two and buy two more from the game’s cash shop.

You can choose from such characters as Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Fairy Elf as you begin. As you progress you and get to level 220, you could create a special character known as Mage Gladiator while at level 250 you can create the Dark Lord.

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6. Grim Dawn

Grim DawnDespite having been released in 2016, Grim Dawn has gone on to become one of the most satisfying ARPG game. The game’s combat system and gameplay are similar to those in Path of Exile.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. The world has been infested by two types of creatures which perceive the humans as insects to be trampled on or cattle to be exploited. The game begins when you are about to be hanged for being possessed by one of these creatures which are also referred to as “Aetherials”.

The game features an amazing character creation element which allows you to combine two characters from different levels to create one with super abilities. During character creation, you have six choices. These include; Demolitionist, Arcanist, Nightblade, Shaman, Occultist, and Soldier.

7. Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor: Martyr

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor- MartyrYou will be surprised to learn that this is the first action-packed RPG to be set in the 41stMillenium. The RPG allows you traverse the Warhammer 40K universe as a deadly assassin, a powerful psychic, or a power-armored behemoth.

You play as the Inquisitor, that is, an agent of the Imperium of man. Your job is to track down and get rid of heretics, cultists, and aliens who are against God-Emperor’s rule. The game allows you to create your own play-styles using different character levels and specializations. Use the special powers from the Warp through the PrimarisPsyker character, overcome your enemies through the Crusader Inquisitor, or use your cunningness and finesse through the Death Cult character.

8. How to Survive

While zombie-themed games are quite many, few will satisfy your gaming itch as well as How to Survive does. The game is made up of a combination of gripping challenges and powerful mechanics which create a cohesive and an extremely entertaining game.

You play as one of three young people who are lost in a small archipelago which is packed with zombies. Your goal is to survive through whichever means possible. You will need to manage your hunger, thirst, and exhaustion while at the same time crafting weapons. During your first one or two hours into the game, you will be guided through tutorials by a mysterious person called Kovac.

9. Exanima

ExanimaThis is a dark RPG whose mechanics aim at achieving a realistic simulation of the events. For instance, you can trip yourself and end up stumbling like a drunk person. Likewise, you can push your enemies towards the same thing that stumbles you to get rid of some. When it comes to combat, each fight in Exanima will have a different impact on you, the character, depending on the direction and the force.

The game also features a Skill Progression element where you choose what skill you as the character should be trained on. Once you are conversant with one skill, your character levels up and you can choose another one.

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10. Wizard of Legend

wizardoflegendAfter a series of interactive wizard museum exhibits which double up as tutorials, you are whisked into an ever-evolving, multi-floor dungeon colonized by three powerful wizards. You will need to hone your wizard skills to conquer and overcome the Chaos Trials which are the challenges in the dungeons. You will need to find and learn new arcana magic is found in and out of the dungeons.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other RPG games which require you to be smart about how you use resources during quests, Wizard of Legend is more skill-based.

These are some of the games that will help you fill the Diablo void before Blizzard launches more series. Feel free to let us know of your experience after trying them out.

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