Top 5 Accessories to Complete Men’s Ethnic Look

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Say you've nailed the ethnic style, and you've most likely mastered the skill of wearing a traditional kurta with dhoti pants. But, you're losing out on some significant fashion quotient if you're getting ready for a festival and bypassing the accessories.

The right fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, bracelets for men, a brooch, or men’s earrings, can make or break an attire. Even better, a quirky patterned pocket square can get you away with wearing a plain kurta-pajama. So remember to accessorize the next time you get dressed.

For many men, it is no more about the importance of accessories; they know how crucial accessories are. The trouble begins while choosing which accessories are a perfect fit. So here is a list of top 5 accessories for men that can complete every ethnic look.

1. Brooch


Brooches are generally worn on the left side of your outfit as a display of grandeur. However, brooches are no longer just a piece of jewelry for the royals.

Thanks to designers and accessory manufacturers, they have now become an accent for anybody who wants to add a touch of tradition to an ensemble without going overboard.

2. Necklaces

Wearing necklaces with traditional attire is still a prominent fashion statement, just as it was throughout the reign of monarchs. Choose from a variety of chains, cords, and pendants.

It's best to match the necklace’s material, color, and length to the outfit you're wearing. Silver and gold chains for men, for example, combine well with most traditional clothes and can even be worn with matching men’s earrings.

3. Bracelets


Bracelets have taken over the world of men's fashion. Whether beaded or linked, Bracelets for men lend oomph to your regal ethnic appearance. It's much better if you can match the color of your bracelet to the color of your outfit.

For example, beaded bracelets may make you look cool in semi-traditional attire, while chain bracelets are attractive. Men's Kada is a good alternative to wearing a bracelet if you don't want to wear one.

4. Rings

Rings, if chosen correctly, can enhance the appearance of your traditional costume. They can help you make a statement. Depending on your dress and occasion, you can wear rings with jewels or simple band rings. Many men are choosing high-quality mens wedding bands because they're made with premium materials that are meant to last for years. Many men aren't wearing silver or stainless steel anymore because they're not nearly as scratch resistant as the newer metals such as tungsten carbide bands.

Weddings are one of those instances when gem rings might be overdone. On the other hand, flat rings are a fantastic choice for casual ethnic wear.

5. Stoles


A stole is a versatile accessory that can be used in any season. Stoles made of different fabrics such as cotton, silk, pashmina, or chiffon, can be worn with any ethnic outfit. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so pairing them with different types of ethnic wear won’t be trouble either. Furthermore, wearing a stole may offer you an elegant look, whether it's winter or summer.

Apart from these top 5 accessories, there are a few more that you can consider while adorning an ethnic ensemble. They can equally complete your ethnic look and make you feel fashionable.

  • Kurta Buttons

Nothing is more artful than selecting a kurta button to complete your traditional outfit. You can keep it easy by getting solid-colored kurta buttons that match your clothing, or you can go all out with contrasting kurta buttons.

Some people prefer golden kurta buttons, which look great when paired with gold chains for men. Printed and embroidered kurta buttons are also available, which you can pair with the more flowery traditional outfits.

  • Kilangi

Kilangi is a headwear accessory that features turbans. They're mostly worn by grooms during weddings, but they're worth a shot. They're composed of metal and have gems and feathers on them. Wearing them, most likely during a close friend's wedding, will undoubtedly give you a regal and elegant appearance.

  • Sunglasses

You'll never fall short of receiving compliments on your ethnic look if you can ace the shades game. To make that happen, always choose the sunglasses frame depending on your face shape.

While round frames help broaden the jawline and balance off a larger forehead, men with chiseled chins and cheekbones look nice in square frames. Rectangle and oval frames are suitable for men with long and square faces.

Besides frames, the color of your lens should also be chosen wisely. When the weather is bright, opt for sunglasses with a grey or brown lens. Yellows, purples, reds, and blues are ideal for cooler days. For the rainy season, the green lens is ideal.

The Bottomline

When it comes to men's fashion, accessories are a hot topic. Accessories, whether they're the tie you wear with your workplace formals or the shoes you wear with a kurta, demonstrate your attention to detail.

They can instantly boost your look and help you make a positive impression on others if you pair them correctly. You can now get your favorite accessory and buy quality products at the best price online.

Picking the best accessories to go with ethnic clothes for men is more difficult than finding accessories to go with formal or casual wear. The vibrant traditional dress necessitates accessories such as bracelets for men, kadas, or chains, which reflect the essence of the attire as well as the occasion.

As a result, this article discussed the various traditional Indian accessories that men must-have to complete their ethnic look.

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