10 Best Romance Manga Series of 2024

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Looking to spend a romantic evening with your sweetheart? Then you should spend it with the best romance manga!

What is it that attracts readers to romance manga? Could it be the sweet tender moments? Or wondering if your favorite couple will ever get back together?

Witnessing an intimate relationship can give readers all the feels, especially when you’ve been in love or are currently in a relationship with your high school sweetheart.

These stories have appealed to many fans’ hearts. That’s probably the reason why you can find certain copies during a visit to the bookstore.
Are you looking to explore the top ten best romantic manga? There are over hundreds of manga to choose from! Then you have clicked on the right article! Below are the listings of the top ten best romantic manga to give your heart the feels!

List of top 10 Must-read romance manga

10. Skip Beat

Skip Beat

‘Skip Beat’ centers around the unrequited love between Kyouko Mogami and her childhood friend Shoutarou. I think the best love stories are when we fall in love with our childhood best friends.

Following Shoutaro to Tokyo, Kyouko helps support her dear friend’s dream but mostly because she does not want to leave him. In the end, Shoutaro sadly admits that he has no romantic feelings for Kyouko. Heartbroken, Shoutarou et her revenge by joining the entertainment industry and becoming far more successful than Shoutarou.

9. Strobe Edge

Strobe Edge01

Searching for the best manga story that captures all the awkwardness of a first crush? Strobe Light does an outstanding job accurately portraying real-life romances. Not every romance can work out.

Especially when Ninako’s crush, Ren is already in a relationship, and then someone has a crush on Ninako! Love can wear you out to the point of exhaustion. That’s why readers have to find out how this love triangle (or square if you want to call it) ends.

8. ReLife


You have to expect the unexpected. Don’t hold onto scars. We can’t get everything in life. Kaizaki, however, decides to shut himself out from the world due to an embarrassing scene at his job.

But then, one night he meets someone who may have an idea on how he can change his attitude and trust the world again. Stories, where romances bring out the best in others, is heartwarming.

7. Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride

Get ready to be hit right in the feels. ‘Blue Spring Ride’ is the most gut-wrenching and heartwarming manga romance of all time! Trying to move on from her heartbreaking past into a better future.

Only for this boy who she was once in a relationship with, has reappeared! He is not the same person. That’s all the details that can be laid out because this is a romance manga you have to read! Ooh, my feels!

6. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club

A poor student, named Haruhi, is offered a full scholarship to attend a high school where only the rich students attend. Mistaken for a boy, due to her short haircut, Haruki stumbles upon an all-boys club where she accidentally breaks a vase.

Having to pay off the debt, Haruhi becomes a member. And that is where all the insane adventures begin! Talk about expecting the unexpected!

5. We Were There

We Were There

Let’s get out of the way. Love. is. never. easy. There it’s been admitted. You never know how life or romances will work out. There sure goes for Nana Takahashi and Yano Motoharu in ‘We Were There’. What starts off as a rivalry, into a crush, into a romance, readers are in for a wild ride!

4. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

‘Lovely Complex’ follows Otani and Risa. They have been named the ‘comedy duo’ by other students at their school. No one is the same size or height. That always plays a factor in a relationship.

The guy is tall, and the girl is short. But, what if the girl is tall and the guy is short? Instead of developing a relationship of their own at first, the two kindly help each other find their own dates. You can only imagine where the ending will lead!

3. Lovely Complex


‘Lovely Complex is more of a romantic comedy if anything. It has its funny moments! Each character makes the manga a fun read. It’s a shame when it has to end! Again, this story centers around another boy who is shorter than average.

And the girl is really tall. That attribute does not make Ootani and Koizumi love any less. Stories like these are really heartwarming. But, is their relationship accepted? Will they accept their relationship. Read ‘Lovely Complex’ to find out! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

2. Beauty Pop

Beauty Pop

‘Beauty Pop’ centers around a girl named, Kiri, a very talented hairstylist, who is very happy with what she does. She is not using that talent to impress anyone. But, when three boys, come along known for their work in the ‘Scissors Project’, Kiri is drawn into their makeovers even though she has no interest at first

1. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke

Time for the top 1 best romance manga! Number 1 is so tough because there are so many awesome romance manga out there! I have chosen ‘Kimi ni Todoke’ as it is realistic and a pure story which talks about love.

Not every story about romance does that. Kimi no Todoke centers around Kuronuma Sawako, a shy young girl who is misunderstood by the people around her. Will a romance help her out from this low self-esteem of hers and understand herself much differently?


Many have lost faith in love due to the constant pains from heartbreak or fearing that they will never be good enough. Romance manga may inspire you or even take a weight off your shoulders.

Go out and read this list of top 10 romance manga! Not just this list! As mention earlier, there are over hundreds of manga in the world! Nice for a rainy day! You will not regret it!

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