Top Listing of 90’s Cartoon Network Shows

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The 90’s were the prime for Cartoon Network. What are the best Cartoon Network shows of the ’90s? Check our collection of 90s cartoon network shows.

The era of the ’90s on Cartoon Network was filled with the most entertaining cartoons. These cartoons were so addicting that you’d end up spending an all-nighter laughing at your favorite characters in different scenarios. Now upon turning on the TV, those old Cartoon Network shows are no more. There are new shows which don’t quite add up to what you had watched as a kid.

Cartoon Network is considered to be one of the all-time best TV channels for kids and also adults to enjoy. What is the top listing of 90’s Cartoon Network shows? Let’s dive through this list quickly so then you can binge-watch the entire list.

List of 90s cartoon network shows

1. Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory follows the adventures of a child prodigy who builds a whole lab in the basement of his house. Constantly fighting to be alone from his exotic family, Dexter is also in a battle of wits with his arch-enemy, Mandark.

Dexter’s Laboratory is an immediate eye-catching show. You never know what Dexter will invent next, or how his older sister, Dee-Dee will sneak into the lab and mush up his plans.

2. Teen Titans

Based on the D.C comics, Teen Titans follows the tales of five unique superheroes. That’s not all Teen Titans is about. Other than their battles against a majority of crazy mastermind villains, the series also delves into the friendships between these five characters, learning to get along and face different challenges. Episodes are so enticing and even has a riveting grand finale.

3. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Who could forget a show where three boys all have the same name but differ in personality. In each episode, our boys come up with a different scheme in order to scam the neighborhood kids in order to buy oversized jawbreakers.

Created by Danny Antonucci, Ed, Edd n Eddy is a memorable and even an eye-opening cartoon. Unfortunately, when scams fail, the Eds are often left in humiliating skills. The humiliation is not enough to stop them from picking themselves up and trying again. If I were you, I’d binge watch this entire series from start until the movie. It is quite impactful.

4. The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerful Girls is an animated Cartoon Network series revolving around the lives of three girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, with special powers. They are the City of Townsville’s savior from all the villains and natural disasters trying to take down the world.

A creative and fun show, the girls will not disappoint viewers with their lovable and distinct personalities. You can even learn a thing or to about defense.

5. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Talk about a creative show about imagination. In a world where your imaginary friends are real, now there is a special home for them if they’re ever abandoned by their owners. Each episode is a fun adventure with all your cool friends. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends received critical acclaim by Cartoon Network for most successful series.

6. Codename: Kids Next Door

What’s a show that doesn’t draw you in about spies other than Codename: Kids Next Door? Centering around the adventures of five children who battle against their adult enemies or other kids trying to take over the world.

Although crime fighting is the main plotline, the underlying theme of coming of age and growing up is also a challenge to the kids. Kids Next Door was known as Cartoon Network’s most successful show in the 2000s.

7. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

In a dark and gothic cartoon, Grim Adventures follows the lives of two children, Billy, and Mandy, who summon the grim reaper. After losing a challenge, Grim becomes the eternal servant to Billy and Mandy.

Each episode is a hilarious adventure and worth it for Billy’s silly behavior, Mandy’s cynical cracks, and Grim’s sarcastic behavior. It’s not recommended for small children however due to the dark storyline and images.

8. Courage the Cowardly Dog

In another dark cartoon, a dog by the name of Courage who faces strange adventures involving the paranormal and supernatural.

Known for it’s dark and surreal atmosphere, Courage is fun to watch, even for just his funny cracks and good ‘ole Eustace’s famous trademark line. Again, it may not be a show appropriate for young viewers.

9. Camp Lazlo

In a show about various anthropomorphic animals attending summer camp, episodes usually center around slapstick behavior and many adventures.

During its series won Camp Lazlo won for three Emmy awards. It’s a fun and creative tale. It will certainly keep you laughing throughout episode length.

10. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry span back to the ’60s when they were first created! This show has gained quite the fanbase and even a series of movies. The whole premise of Tom and Jerry is a cat, named Tom, chasing down a mouse, named Jerry.

Each plays humorous tricks on the other in a challenge of outwitting, outplay and outlast. There are movies which crossover into other movie storylines. You can take an afternoon, a week, or even a month to binge-watch this entire series.

11. Looney Toons

Dating even further back into the ’30s even, Looney Toons is the Cartoon Network show to binge watch about your favorite characters arguing, developing different schemes, and the best comedy known to man.

In a series of short films directed by Warner Bros., Looney Toons has spun different films, their own comic books, and even an amusement park. It’s an addicting binge-watch and will leave you satisfied.


Any 90’s Cartoon Network show is a blast of nostalgia. You can even feel your insides straining from all that laughter. Take the time to binge-watch on these cartoons on your day off. It’s a day well spent back in the ’90s. Dive into your childhood to live through childhood adventures.

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